Alabama Gubernatorial Candidate Wants To Legalize Marijuana

Alabama Gubernatorial Candidate Wants To Legalize Marijuana - Marijuana Packaging

A gubernatorial candidate in Alabama has marijuana legalization as part of his campaign strategy. According to, Chad “Chig” Martin owns and operates Honeysuckle Hemp, a CBD company, a trailer park, and Thunder Industrial, a repair and maintenance company. Martin has already qualified for the state’s primary back in May.

Martin believes that marijuana is safer than alcohol and describes his strategy for cannabis reform as “the free trade of cannabis…without regulations.” He also revealed skepticism about the state’s medical-marijuana program– which got approval from lawmakers- and if they will be open to the public like his hemp business to compete fairly when the state starts giving out licenses. According to the report, a medical marijuana commission is setting up the program, and they won’t issue licenses until next year.

Martin also noted that cannabis could have a high tax to help fund education, infrastructure, and mental health programs; while helping Alabama’s court system and reducing crowding in the state’s jails and prisons. Although Martin sees himself as a “Conservative Democrat” but an “independent at heart,” he expressed that the Democratic party “looked like an opportunity” that suited him well. He said, “the Republican Party was a party full of millionaires typically with lots of money. And when I saw this opportunity with the Democratic Party, a lot of values I have aligned with them.”

He continued, “And it just looked like it would be my best opportunity to get into a head-to-head with Kay Ivey here in the state of Alabama. And that’s what the goal was.” Currently, Martin and Yolanda Flowers of Birmingham are the only two candidates that qualify for the Democratic Party primary. Martin being pro-marijuana legalization will help bring legal cannabis to Alabama, where patients and recreational consumers can grab some weed and rolling papers without the risk of facing any jail time.

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