Alaska Marijuana Control Board Doubles The Amount Of THC Allowed In Edibles

Alaska Marijuana Control Board Doubles The Amount Of THC Allowed In Edibles - Marijuana Packaging

Alaska will join most other states by increasing the THC limit for cannabis edibles to 10 milligrams per serving. The new rules also raise the allowable amount of THC per package to 100 milligrams. Of course, edible bags will have to be labeled appropriately.

“From a business perspective, or an economic perspective, when you’re able to have this more standardized dose, it decreases your cost to produce,” said Lacy Wilcox, president of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association. “The more potent a product is, the less of those products you might need to make. The average consumer of cannabis is going to need more than 5 milligrams — they’re going to need perhaps even more than 50 milligrams.”

“We’re concerned about some of the higher concentration levels posing greater risks to the public, specifically around marijuana-related poison control call concerns,” said Anchorage Health Department Director Heather Harris.

Tasha Grossl, the owner of cannabis edibles company Lady Gray, said the change will reduce the price per THC milligram for edibles in Alaska’s legal marketplace and that new limits are “a big win for both the legal industry and the consumers.”

Anchorage police officer Steve Dunn, a traffic fatality investigator, does not support the change because “it will substantially impact public safety.”

“There’s always a risk of overconsumption and folks that don’t feel the effects right away, instead of eating one brownie they eat two brownies,” Dunn said.

“They’re going to get themselves to the place they want to be, whether they have to buy 10 brownies or one brownie,” Wilcox said. “Just a regular old bud joint is far stronger than a 5 milligram brownie.”

Alaska voters approved cannabis legalization in 2014. The change in Alaska’s THC limit for cannabis edibles is starting September 1.

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