Dabbing: Understanding The Prices & Doses Of Wax In The U.S
How Much Do Dabs Cost
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How Much Do Dabs Cost?

How Much Do Dabs Cost
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How Much Do Dabs Cost?

Nov 30, 2022
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We’re in a new time in the history of cannabis, where consumers can quickly go to a store and pick out their strain. However, the increasing acceptability of cannabis has also opened the gates for more research which, in turn, has led to new products hitting shelves. Dabs, for instance, have long been a part of cannabis culture, but they’ve skyrocketed in popularity. It’s not uncommon to walk into an adult-use dispensary and find an array of options for concentrates.

Still, flower enthusiasts have yet to convert to the world of wax, and there are a few reasons for this. For one, some would instead stick to what’s in their comfort zone. Concentrates are more potent, and flower doesn’t require special equipment, like dab rigs. Secondly, many feel dabs need to be more friendly on the pockets. Add to the fact that many try to remain frugal during tough economic times, and fewer people think concentrates are worth the hassle.

Ultimately, there are some misconceptions, especially since dabs are pretty potent in and of themselves. However, we’d be mindful to acknowledge those that might be lost, so we’ll break down the simple question: what are dabs? The substance — also referred to as wax — is a form of butane hash oil known as shatter, amber, honeycomb, or budder. This sticky, taffy-like substance contains a higher, more concentrated form of THC from the practice of extraction. Because of this process and the potency, shatter is pricier than flower. 

Concentrates are undoubtedly easy to find right now, and it’s clear why they’re becoming championed even further in the community. A little goes a long way with concentrates, whether taking a tiny dab to uplift your spirits or infusing your joint with extracts. 

Those wondering, “how much do dabs cost” might search high and low at a wide range of prices. However, you can score great deals in Denver on single grams or a low 8th of wax price. In other places, cannabis is a bit less accessible, so these prices are drastically higher. 

Below, we’ll explain how much are dabs in Denver.

How Much Is A Gram Of Dabs In Denver? 

Denver is currently having some crazy sales at several dispensaries across the city. For example, The Lodge has a great selection of waxes on the market, from eight grams of White Moose Champagne Shatter — stored in solid containers for dabs — for $99. If you’re wondering how much is a gram of wax, then you’ll be happy to know it’s at the low cost of $20 for a similar high-quality champagne shatter — a solid choice for anyone who knows how to handle sticky dabs

At High West Cannabis, you can find all wax and shatter at a low price. If you look into how much dabs are, it’ll show you that they can score any shatter or wax in their inventory for 4 grams for $56 or 8 grams for $96.

For those Googling “how much for a gram of wax,” then you’ll find incredible deals at The Stone. Right now, any wax or shatter brand is available at the low cost of $11.91 a gram. 

Storing Concentrates

Cannabis extracts are usually best stored in glass concentrate containers. These are the best option for maintaining their integrity and quality. Though you’ll come up with plenty of results when you search “how to store concentrates,” it’s common to find wax in a glass container or, sometimes, in mylar bags with wax sheets. Like storing flower, concentrates should be kept in cool, dark areas. Heat will not only compromise the consistency, but it can harm the potency, as well. Light of any kind also tends to have ill effects on cannabis products, whether wax or flower.

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