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What is Threading for Cannabis Jars, Dab Containers, and Pre-Roll Tubes?

<strong>What is Threading for Cannabis Jars, Dab Containers, and Pre-Roll Tubes?</strong>

The caps on cannabis jars, dab containers, and pre-roll tubes are paramount in ensuring that a packaging’s contents remain pristine. Still, the lids should fit snugly on the neck of the containers to effectively prevent leakage, evaporation, and potentially dangerous contamination. That’s where the threading on caps and packaging containers comes in handy. 

What Is Threading?

Threading refers to the ribbed protrusions surrounding the neck of a container. They are designed to seal a product securely inside its packaging by fastening around a matching cap or closure. Threaded caps are also called “screw-on” lids and have a unique system of measurement that doesn’t allow different sizes to be interchangeable. 

How Are Threaded Closure Sizes Defined?

Screw-on closures are defined using two digits expressed as 28/400, 50/410, and so on. The first number is the diameter of the closure or container opening in millimeters. The diameter is measured across the inside of the cap or the outer diameter of the packaging. 

The second number denotes the thread style. This includes the thread count, which is the number of times the threads go around the neck of the closure, and the height of the neck finish. Here’s a breakdown of the most common thread styles and how they are expressed.

  • 1 thread turn – 400
  • 1.5 thread turns – 410
  • 2 thread turns (Tall neck finish) – 415
  • 2 thread turns (Narrow threads) – 425
  • Thick threads/buttress finish – 430

Therefore, when defining the thread closure sizes of jars, bottles, and other containers, we use the diameter of the neck opening and the thread style. For instance, if the diameter of the neck of your cannabis jar is 28mm and the threads only make one turn around it, your container has a threading of 28/400. These measurements are paramount when picking the perfect caps for weed jars, dab containers, and pre-roll tubes. 

Which Threading Is Available For Cannabis Jars, Dab Containers, and Pre-Roll Tubes?

Our store carries numerous types of cannabis containers with distinct threadings and appropriate caps for sealing them. Even so, nearly all of our products are 400 thread. Essentially, the size of the jar/cap or tube/cap must match for them to seal the containers effectively. Here’s a look at some of the various threading you can find for marijuana containers at our store.

Cannabis Jars 

There’s no denying that jars for cannabis storage are among the most popular containers in the weed industry. They come in multiple shapes and sizes and are perfect for storing numerous cannabis products. Here are the thread size options we have for weed jars. 

  • 28/400
  • 29/400
  • 32/400
  • 33/400
  • 38/400
  • 46/400
  • 50/400
  • 53/400
  • 53/410
  • 57/400
  • 63/400
  • 78/410
  • 80/400
  • 89/400

Dab Containers 

Paying close attention to the threading of containers for dabs is crucial since concentrates can quickly lose their potency when not stored in airtight containers. Here are the thread sizes of our dab containers.

  • 28/400
  • 29/400
  • 32/400
  • 38/400

Pre-Roll Tubes

Getting screw-top tubes for pre-rolled joints can be a game changer for your marijuana brand. Not only do they provide a unique look for your brand, but they are also compliant cannabis packaging since they have child-resistant caps. The thread sizes for our pre-roll tubes include the following:

  • 18/400
  • 18/425
  • 20/425

Bottom Line

The threading for cannabis containers is a crucial factor that affects the longevity of packaged cannabis. Consequently, understanding how threading works a priority for marijuana business owners and enthusiasts should be alike. This guide provides a suitable resource for comprehending this small yet instrumental part of marijuana packaging.

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