Marijuana FAQ

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Top Things To Do When High and Alone
Alone and High

Top Things To Do When High and Alone

Cannabis lovers usually like to have smoking sessions with other stoners. However, there are times when one just prefers to have a solo session. Experiencing cannabis alone can be a unique adventur...

Ask UsMonster Cropping

Monster Cropping

When it comes to the cultivation of cannabis, there are several methods growers employ to maximize yield. One such technique is monster cropping. Also known as flowering clones, monster cropping is...

Ask UsCannabis Lollipopping

Cannabis Lollipopping

As the world warms to the benefits and pleasures of cannabis cultivation, there has been a surge of interest in various pruning and training techniques, each promising a bountiful harvest. Among th...

Ask UsCan Animals Get High on Cannabis?

Can Animals Get High on Cannabis?

As cannabis gains acceptance and gets more accessible worldwide, animal exposure to marijuana is becoming a growing risk. With more people using cannabis, animals are more likely to come into conta...

Ask UsHow Many Grams Are In An Ounce of Weed

How Many Grams Are In An Ounce of Weed

The units of measurement of different sizes of weed can be somewhat confusing for beginners and seasoned users alike. From a gram to an 8th of weed, there’s a lot to learn in order to navigate the ...

Ask UsCan You Freeze Dry Cannabis?

Can You Freeze Dry Cannabis?

Cannabis begins degrading moments after harvesting, causing it to lose precious cannabinoids and terpenes. This can be detrimental for marijuana producers who need to store their weed for some time...

Ask UsCannabis Trichomes: What Are They?

Cannabis Trichomes: What Are They?

Numerous components make up the cannabis plant, but trichomes are arguably the most significant ones. Most people know them as the stick, aromatic crystals in weed. Even so, there’s much more than ...