LA Cannabis For Super Bowl LVI

LA Cannabis For Super Bowl LVI - Marijuana Packaging

Millions of people descended to Los Angeles for last Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI festivities. Los Angeles Rams fans looking to celebrate the win with some cannabis can benefit from informing themselves about the different places to purchase cannabis products. 

Cincinnati Bengals fans extending their stay in the city may be excited to explore the legal cannabis in California that might not be as readily available in Ohio. It’s essential to be informed and prepared. 

Los Angeles and the surrounding area are home to hundreds of licensed stores and delivery services. A Google search might include illegal retailers, leading to an unsatisfactory experience. How do you determine if a cannabis shop is legal?

Legal stores have a city- and state-issued license number and QR code displayed prominently in the window. Licensed dispensaries are open seven days a week, and delivery services operate during typical business hours. 

To purchase cannabis, you must be 21 or older with a valid ID and cash (most dispensaries have an ATM on premises. But they usually include a hefty service charge). 

Licensed retailers are preferred because legal cannabis is tested for pesticides, mold, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Marijuana purchased from the illicit market may be contaminated with one or more of these elements.

Advantages to delivery services are that you can pay with debit or credit card, and you avoid the dreaded L.A. traffic. 

And, like a good pizza delivery service, it usually arrives in 30 minutes or less (you likely won’t get your order for free if it takes longer). 

There are a few outstanding delivery options. 

Eaze offers nearly 200 flower products, including Pacific Stone ounces of Blue Dream, Foxy brand Garlic Cake, and Wedding Cake. Emjay has over 700 products, from Fiore Bugatti to Pacific Stone Wedding Cake. 

They cover the greater L.A. area and try to get it to you in 30 minutes. Amuse offers same-day delivery across Los Angeles. They have over 170 pre-roll products, including Cookies Gary Payton sun grown, Jeeter brand 5-packs of minis, and Ridgeline Runtz. 

Budz Deli has over 800 products, and Budee has more than 500. Leafly recently rolled out Leafly Pickup, which serves the greater L.A. Metro area.

If you want to explore L.A.’s cannabis offerings as soon as you land, you won’t have to travel far from LAX. 

Medmen has a location next to the airport. They have over 170 options just on the flower menu – Connected Gelonade, Fig Farms Government Lemon, and Georgia Pie from Farmer and the Felon, to name a few.

Because of the infamous “sprawl” of Los Angeles, many Big Game visitors experienced notoriously lousy traffic and stayed near SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. There are conveniently located options there, too.

Josephine & Billie’s is the first place Jay-Z’s The Parent Company invested in this past summer. This women-of-color-owned dispensary provides a welcoming setting for all of its visitors.

Black-owned Gorilla Rx has 767 menu items like Xeno cart from Alien Labs and Raw Garden Kimbo Cookie Dough. Gorilla Rx also carries a variety of flowers, from Cannbiotix Thicc Mint to Elyon Fatso.

Flower and Leaf has exotics like THC Design brand Gelatti Cake. They also carry “old-school” options like UpNorth Silver Haze and lower-cost flower and Leaf brand G.G. #4 and Wedding Cake.

LAXCC is an excellent source for Raw Garden Refined Live Resin Pax pods and Wyld Gummies. L.A. Cannabis Co is a go-to for Wonderbrett pre-rolls. The Pottery is a good choice for CANN drinks and KIVA chocolates.

If you have an adventurers spirit and want to venture into Hollywood or Downtown, there are outlets for you there, too.

The chic boutique, Lemonnade Melrose, carries OG Kush Josh D Motorbreath and Gelato Cake from Mad Cow. Sweet Flower Melrose has approximately 80 different flowers, including Seth Rogan’s Houseplant line. 

Serra LA has Golden State Lava Flower and Talking Trees brand Zmasherz. You’ll find Terp Hogz seeds at Sherbinkis in West Hollywood, and you might spot Justin Bieber getting Peach O.Z. at Wonderbrett off Melrose Blvd.

After Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s half-time performance, the spotlight will be on Los Angeles cannabis culture (if only tacitly). 

But Los Angeles isn’t a singular place – it’s more like a hundred places separated by bad roads and freeways. And with an expected 70,240 people who attended the game in addition to the usual 29 million to 50 million annual L.A. tourists, you’ll want to plan ahead to avoid becoming a casualty of L.A. traffic and confusion. 

Like any winning NFL team, you’ll need to do some “pregame prep” before venturing out in the L.A. 

Scout out the location beforehand. Don’t just drive around hoping to find something. Traffic is bad enough already. And definitely don’t go to the beach and score from some random dude.

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