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Maskless Dispensary Shopping On Hold In LA: Mask Mandates Are Back

Maskless Dispensary Shopping On Hold In LA: Mask Mandates Are Back - Marijuana Packaging

Maskless trips to the dispensary or headshop are on hold until further notice. It looks like Los Angeles is not out of the woods yet when it comes to Covid-19. The Delta variant is more transmissible, and now makes up 71% of all sequences in L.A. County according to County Public Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis.

Davis continued, saying, “This is an all hands on deck moment, we’re seeing rates go up too high. We all need to do our part to try and prevent the need to do something else.” Davis announced that the county was again issuing a health officer order requiring all residents wear masks in indoor public spaces.

He also said the order, in which he is responsible for signing, will be similar to the mask mandate prior to the June 15th re-openings in California. The new mask order goes into effect this Saturday at 11:59 p.m.

Currently, the order stands where masks are required in indoor spaces but indoor dining is okay, a mask is only required while you’re not eating or drinking. When asked if there is potential for further restrictions, Davis said, “Everything’s on the table if things continue to get worse.”

“The next level is ‘High Transmission,’ and that’s not a place that we want to be,” continued Davis. We can’t wait for this to go higher before we act.” The Health Officer gave a rundown of L.A.’s most recent numbers and noted that the county’s case rate per 100,00 people is now at 7.1, which puts the region in the “Substantial” category of spread, according to the CDC.

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