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The Parent Company Acquires CA Central Valley Dispensary, Jayden’s Journey, In A Community-Focused Move

The Parent Company Acquires CA Central Valley Dispensary, Jayden’s Journey, In A Community-Focused Move - Marijuana Packaging

The Parent Company (TPCO), headed by well-known entrepreneurs such as Jay-Z and entertainment giant ROC NATION, has acquired an operating Jayden’s Journey dispensary in Ceres, California. TPCO announced the deal earlier this morning in an exuberant yet hushed tone, noting that the, “Terms of the transaction were not disclosed and remain subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approval.” As of today, however, local customers can begin ordering deliveries from Jayden’s Journey through TPCO’s on-demand direct-to-consumer platform through

Although we’ve seen a decent amount of mergers and acquisitions in the industry lately, this one comes with a heartwarming backstory. Jayden’s Journey began when a man named Jason David was truly desperate to find a viable medication to treat his son Jayden’s life-threatening Dravet syndrome, a rare form of childhood epilepsy that causes severe, debilitating seizures. At the end of his rope, Jason acquired CBD oil and, with much trepidation, gave his son a couple of drops. Thanks to that CBD, that was Jayden’s first day without a seizure in his entire life. From there, Jason built his company up, which now sells a range of medical and recreational cannabis products and places a huge focus on advocating for others who may benefit from CBD or THC.

TPCO’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Allan, was quoted in the company’s announcement saying “This new location allows us to quickly access this important region and to drive future growth through the introduction of our robust delivery network. We look forward to building off the strong foundation that the team at Jayden’s Journey has created while continuing to honor their commitments to the community.”

Cannabis delivery services are popping up across the nation in legalized states, offering opportunities to those sequestered at home and unable to travel to local dispensaries for various reasons. Thanks to this major acquisition by TPCO, California’s central valley now has even broader access to all of their favorite dispensary supplies, cannabis strains, CBD oils, potent edibles, and so, so much more.

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