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Two California Cannabis Companies Face Hefty Fines For Eco Violations

Two California Cannabis Companies Face Hefty Fines For Eco Violations - Marijuana Packaging

The Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office announced a settlement with 805 Agricultural Holdings, LLC and Medical Investor Holdings LLC, respectively, for separate Fish and Game Code violations last week.

Allegations against 805 Agricultural Holdings, LLC include removing vegetation from a stream, grading a road through the stream, constructing hoop houses in the stream, and polluting the stream with diesel fuel, among other things. “Although cannabis cultivation is lawful under California law, with the appropriate governmental permissions,” said District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley, “cultivators must comply with environmental laws like any other business.”

Cannabis cultivator Medical Investor Holdings LLC, which does business under the name Vertical Companies, was also accused of Fish and Game Code violations including the grading of a road through the Santa Ynez River and clearing a five-acre area within the river channel for cannabis cultivation. The report included additional allegations of hoop houses, underground piping, uncompacted soil, an electrical generator, and containers of fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides, according to Ganjapreneur.

805 Agricultural Holdings is operated by Helios Dayspring, founder of the Natural Healing Center. Dayspring, unfortunately, recently found itself in another legal violation situation and was “charged in federal court with bribery and failing to report millions of dollars in income to the IRS.”

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