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Cannabis and Valentine’s Day
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Cannabis and Valentine’s Day

Ohhh, Valentine’s Day – the annual affair of hearts, flowers, love letters, and the desperate quest for the perfect romantic gesture. As we dive into what actually makes the heart grow fonder we...

Ask UsWeed Hangovers: Unraveling the Mystery

Weed Hangovers: Unraveling the Mystery

For many, the term “weed hangover” might be unfamiliar. But this phenomenon, where individuals experience symptoms like brain fog and headaches after the high of marijuana consumption dissipates, i...

Ask UsWhat is a Nick, Dime, and Dub of Weed?

What is a Nick, Dime, and Dub of Weed?

Cannabis culture is full of rich and distinct lingo used to describe various marijuana products. Among the most popular ones are “nick,” “dime,” and “dub,” which are common expressions used to desc...

Ask UsRole of Cannabis in Spiritual and Religious Rituals

Role of Cannabis in Spiritual and Religious Rituals

Let’s face it some people do smoke weed religiously! Jokes aside, marijuana and religion can both be touchy subjects at the dinner table, perhaps this is due to the generational gap between parents...

Ask UsWhat is Cannabis Shake?

What is Cannabis Shake?

For newcomers and seasoned users alike, the language around cannabis can be a bit confusing. From THC to CBD, sativas to indicas, and edibles to dabs, understanding the weed lingo is like learning ...

Ask UsCannabis Tourism: Top 5 Best Destinations in the US

Cannabis Tourism: Top 5 Best Destinations in the US

As more states decriminalize and legalize marijuana, cannabis culture is becoming part and parcel of the American vacation experience. Similarly, the prevalence and the ever-growing popularity of m...

Adventure TimeCartoons to Watch When Stoned

Cartoons to Watch When Stoned

Are you looking for a unique way to spend your chill time after you roll a joint or pack your bong? Look no further. Watching cartoons while getting high is one of the most cherished pastimes in th...