A Quick Guide To Cleaning Your Cannabis Gear
Resin build-up affects the flavor and performance of your awesome bud.

A Quick Guide To Cleaning Your Cannabis Gear

Resin build-up affects the flavor and performance of your awesome bud.

A Quick Guide To Cleaning Your Cannabis Gear

Oct 02, 2021
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A clean, well-kept cannabis kit makes for much more enjoyable experiences than resin and ash-coated bongs and pipes. But that basic sentiment is true of nearly everything. You’d rather drive your car when it isn’t full of discarded fast-food wrappers. You’d rather cook in your kitchen when the sink and counters are clear of dishes and crumbs. Shouldn’t we hold our pieces to the same standards?

Some smokers are especially diligent, cleaning out their gear after every single session. Others commit to a once-a-week routine. But then there are those who neglect the cleaning process, whether out of laziness or lack of concern. Either way, a regular cleaning schedule goes a long way in guaranteeing enjoyable, flavorful, heady smoke sessions. 

To clean your dab rig, bring water to a boil (let it cool slightly before adding it to the piece), cover the nail and mouthpiece and then give it a good shake. That should be a good start in dissolving the resin. After that, you’ll want to utilize Formula 420‘s incredible and beloved cleaning solution; it seriously works legitimate wonders. Pour a little bit in your piece, cover the opening with sandwich bags secured with rubber bands, shake vigorously (and carefully), then rinse out the rig and repeat until it’s clean!

For your vape pen(s), you’ll need a cotton swab or tiny bristle brush. Disassemble the pen and focus on giving each element a good cleaning. To go the extra mile, dip a cotton swab into acetone and brush over the parts. It’s particularly important to keep your vape pen clean to prevent harmful bacteria build-up that you’d otherwise be inhaling into your lungs.

Cleaning a pipe is also easiest when using Formula 420, but you can also do it with products at home such as rubbing alcohol, table salt, and dish soap. First, use a cotton swab or other type of tool to remove as much resin as possible. Then, combine all three components (or just use formula 420), pour the mixture into a sandwich bag, place your pipe inside, seal the bag, and shake vigorously. Be sure to rinse your pipe with hot water thoroughly when you’re done. A bonus tip for best results: freeze your glass piece first. This allows the resin to harden and makes it easier to clean. To avoid the possibility of infection from germs clinging to the stem creating a slimy biofilm, clean your pipe frequently.

Cleaning bongs is super similar to cleaning dab rigs; they’re just larger in most cases. Pour your Formula 420 or your homemade solution into the bong after rinsing it with hot water, seal off the closure with sandwich bags and rubber bands, shake, rinse, and repeat if needed! Additionally, it’s truly best to change your bong water as often as possible. To help keep bud and ash from entering your bong water in the first place, we highly recommend utilizing bowl screens.

Last but not least: don’t forget about your accessories! Rinse and wipe down your rolling trays frequently and be sure to keep your grinder clean. You can read more about how to do that, plus more on the various aspects of different grinder styles, in this blog post of ours.

Once you establish the habit of regularly cleaning your gear, you’re sure to notice a difference in the quality of your smoke sessions.

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