A Spotlight on Jim Belushi’s Cannabis Farming and Activism

A Spotlight on Jim Belushi’s Cannabis Farming and Activism

Actor and musician Jim Belushi appeared on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to discuss the second season of his Discovery show “Growing Belushi.” 

The first season of “Growing Belushi” followed Belushi as he started a legal grow operation in Oregon and expanded his business with his family alongside him. 

Before the first season aired, he spoke to Forbe’s, sharing, “everything grows in Growing Belushi. The cannabis, the business, the family. And especially me. We almost called it Growing Pains!” 

Celebrities have gotten into the cannabis industry to varying levels as legalization has spread, but Belushi’s story is unique. 

Belushi purchased his 93-acres in 2015 without considering cannabis cultivation, but his connection to the herb inspired him to start growing. 

He grows cannabis flowers that customers can smoke with cool bongs and pipes, and his website also offers pre-rolls (one such pack is The Blues Brothers collection, an homage to his classic role). 

He combined his love of music with the endeavor, describing it in the most Belushi-esque way: “music mischievous as a mission from God.”

The second season will see Belushi grow his fledgling business to a multi-state operation. 

Belushi added that in the second season, viewers will “learn about the burgeoning industry, how it intersects with politics, and how I’ll handle the pressure.” 

In essence, if the first season was how the recipe was written, the second will be how it all comes together. 

He showed an evident love for the craft to Meyers, saying that “the farmer man has a tough life, let me tell you. But it’s fun; I love it.” 

His second season of cannabis farming experiences will come Wednesday nights on Discovery. 

The interview wasn’t all lighthearted farming talk; Belushi also highlighted his long-standing passion and partnership with the Last Prisoner Project

“They (the cannabis prisoners) were the pioneers for the cannabis industry. They’re the ones that took the arrows; they’re the ones that went to jail for nonviolent cannabis crimes. Whether they had an ounce or three pounds on them, they were trying to make a living for their family. When they get thrown into prison, it collapses that family creates more trauma. There are 40,000 men and women incarcerated right now for nonviolent cannabis crimes,” Belushi said during his interview. 

In his Forbes interview, he also made sure to mention it, calling it a “beautiful initiative that’s dear to my heart.”

Belushi is also working diligently with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission and the Portland City Council. His goal is to foster an opioid trade program that would allow Veterans and those struggling with homelessness and addiction to be provided a safe place with minimal or no cost.  

Many celebrities have shown fervent support for legalization and decriminalization, and Belushi’s singular dedication to cannabis is no exception. 

Belushi has done it in such a genuine way that it is hard for viewers to root against his optimism and passion for the land and the laws. 

When watching the second season of “Growing Belushi,” cultivators and cannabis consumers alike can learn from his zeal. Perhaps even more impressive than his wholehearted venture is his dedication to reform. Hopefully, his continued work will bring about the necessary reforms that are needed to build an inclusive cannabis industry. 

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