Best Upcycled Gift Ideas For Your Stoney Friends

Best Upcycled Gift Ideas For Your Stoney Friends

It’s the holiday season, whew. 2021 is finally coming to a somewhat bittersweet close, and what a hectic year it’s been. Thankfully, most of us get to wind down and relax before we enter a new year. However, Christmas is just days away, which means that relaxing and winding down will only come after completing some last-minute holiday shopping. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of leaving it to the last minute sometimes!

The holidays are the perfect cozy time to spend with loved ones and catch up with friends who you haven’t seen for a while, but it can be a costly time, as well. Holiday shopping can undoubtedly break the bank, especially when you account for your extended family and the friends within your immediate circle.

Maybe, though, some of your friends are more open to cannabis than others, which makes gift-giving a bit easier. The rise of cannabis legalization opened the doors to gift flower lovers and extract enthusiasts the type of presents they desire most – marijuana and marijuana-related products. Most stoners dream of seeing a pound of weed in a bag under the Christmas tree. Even that might be a bit difficult to obtain, depending on the regulations in your state, though. However, there are many other ways to treat the 420-friendly person in your life, even if it’s not in the form of cannabis. 

Enjoy time with your people this holiday season, eat some good food, and sip on some eggnog. For those looking to provide some holiday cheer to your friends, don’t think you need to put yourself in financial despair. There are plenty of cool gift ideas that you can create with items you already have at home that also offer an eco-friendly solution to the holiday season.

Leafly broke down five-holiday gift ideas for the stoner in your life, from homemade Moonrocks and edibles to personal storage space to keep your cannabis-related paraphernalia organized.

Cannabis-Infused Gingerbread House

When you think about the holidays, two things that frequently come to mind are trees and gingerbread cookies. Building gingerbread houses remains one of the most anticipated holiday-themed activities that kids and adults can enjoy together. 

That being said, we recommend that you leave the kids somewhere far from the kitchen for this gift idea because we will be fusing the worlds of cannabis and holiday cheer. If you have some plants at home or have an excess of bud laying around, consider gifting your stoned loved one a cannabis-infused gingerbread home! 

Trust us, it’s easy, especially if you have any experience infusing butter with cannabis. It takes a few hours, but it isn’t as intimidating as you think. The first step is to make cannabutter, which is plenty easy if you follow some simple recipes or use your handy cannabutter machine. Once that’s complete, store the cannabutter in the fridge until it’s solidified and you’re good to go. Then, find your favorite gingerbread recipe (Leafly suggests The Wellness Soldier’s adults-only gingerbread cookies), and assemble the house. It’s a task that needs a few dedicated hours to complete, but the recipient of this gift will undoubtedly appreciate the final product.

Flower Jar

How many times have you received a cannabis accessory as a gift that ultimately comes through when you need it the most? Cannabis enthusiasts might appreciate flower, edibles, or extracts this holiday, but sometimes, they a few accessories can help organize their smoking routines.

Mason Jars are one of the most ubiquitous and versatile types of packaging on the market. Companies that produce widely varying products, from food and beverages to cosmetics and even cannabis, have relied on mason jars for their products for decades. Mason jars are probably one of the most popular forms of storing cannabis because they keep flower in an airtight space, extending their shelf life. 

If you haven’t collected a few mason jars this year, then head to a dollar store near you where you can pick up a handful (four to five with lids) and give them a complete makeover. The arts and crafts approach to gift-giving offers plenty of room for customization. 

Some easy ideas are ribbons, glitter, stickers, and beads (easily applied with hot glue), but if you want to get a tad more crafty, use some oil-based paints on the metal lid to create a custom design or simply their name or initials.  

Level up these Mason Jars by scooping up different strains and treating your loved one to an assortment of strains to test out this holiday season, if that’s a reasonable thing for you to do.

Stash Box 

We’ve all had those moments where plastic baggies are lying around the house; weed crumbs left on the dining and coffee table, loose papers, and blunt guts spread across the counter. You get the picture – things become disorganized quickly, which is why we suggest gifting your stoned loved ones a stash box. There are few feelings as gratifying and pleasing as having all of your smoking accessories – from filters to flower – organized in one place. 

Similar to mason jars, these are easily customizable and pretty easy to assemble. Start with grabbing a sturdy, rectangular box, preferably the size of a shoebox. It’s better to use a material with a bit of strength, like metal, wood, or even plastic. You can likely find something like this lying around in your home that could serve as your base but if not, you can pick them up at any local craft store for little money. It’s a free-for-all after that. You can add glitter, splatter paint, or draw something along the box to make it personal. If you’re particularly crafty, you can even woodburn a wooden box!

After the exterior is complete, it’s time to organize the box. Box dividers are widely available online or even at your nearest Dollar Tree. Divvy up the box’s interior into sections to organize papers, filter, flower, grinder, and more. Voila, you have a personal stash box for your loved one!

Homemade Moonrocks 

If you’re looking for a potent yet affordable gift option, we have just the suggestion: make your own moonrocks! For those who are unfamiliar, Moonrocks is practically a cannabis cocktail consisting of a bud of flower dipped in oil and then covered with kief. These are incredibly potent and will likely leave you couch-locked for hours, meaning that the holidays are probably the best time to indulge. There are plenty of brands and companies that do sell moonrocks in state-legal dispensaries. Traditionally, producers use Girl Scout Cookies and their extracts for Moonrocks, but you can make your own at home without being strain-specific. 

There’s a handful of items you’ll need to make this, including your favorite flower, concentrate/hash oil, kief, tongs, and a liquid dropper. Begin with the flower but try using nugs with more density – it’ll help bind all of the ingredients together. From there, you’ll add a bit of oil (something a bit more watery) into the liquid dropper and begin coating the beautiful nug with the extract. You don’t want to overdo it, though. Too much concentrate could lead to longer drying times and dampened flowers that might be difficult to light. Finally, use the tongs to cover the exterior of the flower with the kief by grasping the bug and dipping it into the powdery goodness. Then, put it somewhere cool to dry.

DIY Growers Kit

Though most people are just getting accustomed to retail cannabis, many states also allow cultivation for personal use. If you have a friend or a family member with a green thumb, then maybe consider gifting them a cannabis starter kit. These are super easy and require very few items. For one, you’ll need to head over to your nearest headshop or dispensary and pick up a few seeds. Then, grab a pot and add some soil to it. Boom, you’re done. Gift this to the horticulturist in your life and bring the joys of growing cannabis to their home. 

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