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Cannabis Companies Spreading Holiday Cheer By Giving Back To Their Communities

Cannabis Companies Spreading Holiday Cheer By Giving Back To Their Communities

Benevolence and generosity are practically baked into cannabis culture. Maybe it’s because it’s founded on a grown product rather than a manufactured one. Perhaps it’s a residual echo of the ’60s hippie utopian ideals. Whatever the origins, that dynamic is evidenced in the generosity of many cannabis companies this time of year – AKA the holiday season.

Portland, Oregon-based Ripped City Gardens celebrates its Fourth Annual Giveback Toy Drive this month. The emphasis is on toys that foster growth, such as books, puzzles, board games, and sports equipment. To inspire more donations, Ripped City offers participants a chance to win a Nintendo Switch.

Bloom Farms is donating one million meals to the Sublime Foundation, offering non-opioid chronic pain solutions. Additionally, they have an ongoing 1-for-1 program – for every product sold, they donate a meal to someone in need. Bloom Farms values delivering a superior product and giving back to the community.

“I wanted corporate social responsibility to be at the core of our company’s values,” said Executive Director Michael Ray.

Cannapreneur Partners and its affiliated dispensary, Joint Operations, are involved in several food donations, charity runs, toy and clothing donations, and more. Already a Veteran mental health advocacy company, Massachusetts-based Cannapreneur supports contributions and sponsorship of a water station check-in at the Run4Vet 5k race/walk.

“The goal is always to give back to our local community and assist those who need some extra support this holiday season,” said Michael Scott, CEO of Cannapreneur Partners. “Community outreach and Veteran aid are pinnacles of Cannapreneur Partners’ and Joint Operations’ business models, and we will come together to do our part in any way that we can.”

The Tree of Life in Las Vegas, Nevada, has plans to give back to the community year-round continuously. They’re partnering with Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada and promise to donate 70 percent of the company’s profits to local Nevada charitable and community organizations. Tree of Life also plans to assist community partners in offering healthcare for the sick, dispensing food to the hungry, decreasing the teen suicide rate, giving shelter for the homeless, supporting veterans, and helping the elderly.

It’s common for companies to host charitable events or consistently donate to a particular cause. Because cannabis companies only exist due to local voter support, they might more urgently feel the need to give back.

Sometimes, the community benefits from statewide action. California lawmakers have awarded nearly $100 million from cannabis taxes and fees to communities that have been most negatively impacted by the “War On Drugs.” Cannabis can help communities all year long as long as those at the top continuously work toward those efforts that matter most.

After decades of stigma around cannabis, these various charitable efforts can help change the perception of marijuana and its consumers. The next time you go into your favorite smoke shop to purchase smoking accessories like pre-rolled cones, blunt wraps, or glass pipes, you might be giving back to the community.

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