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Cannabis Slang & Common Terms: An Encyclopedia

Cannabis Slang & Common Terms: An Encyclopedia

As the burgeoning cannabis industry continues to develop, the language surrounding it also evolves. New terminologies are being coined almost every day to describe cannabis plants, strain varieties, different products, and various weed sizes. For this reason, it can be somewhat overwhelming for new and seasoned weed consumers to navigate the colorful jargon and marijuana terms. Fortunately, our guide explores some of the most prevalent weed slang terms to help you better navigate the ever-growing world of cannabis. 

Code Words for Weed

Cannabis slang serves as the informal terminology used by marijuana enthusiasts when discussing the plant and its various effects. Perhaps the most common weed terms are words used in place of cannabis. Here’s a look at some popular slang for cannabis. 

Weed: Arguably the most recognizable term for cannabis, “weed” refers to the marijuana plant.

Pot: This commonly used nickname for marijuana comes from the Spanish word “potiguaya,” which translates to marijuana leaves.

Ganja: Rooted in Rastafarian culture, “ganja” is another term for marijuana.

Mary Jane: A playful moniker for cannabis, “Mary Jane” stems from the Spanish words “mari” and “juana.”

Discreet Terminology for Cannabis: Subtle Conversation

In certain situations, it might be preferable to use other words for weed that are more discreet when discussing cannabis. Some examples include:

Trees: A subtle term used to describe cannabis.

Herb: Another inconspicuous reference to marijuana, “herb” can be applied to both the plant and its dried flowers.

Green: Alluding to the color of the cannabis plant, “green” can serve as an understated term for marijuana.

The Cannabis Enthusiast’s Lingo: Unique Expressions

Within the cannabis community, weed fanatics use numerous different phrases and expressions to discuss their experiences and preferences. Here is some of the weed lingo prevalent among marijuana enthusiasts. 

420: This is a weed terminology signifying cannabis consumption, “420” is thought to have originated in the 1970s among a group of high school friends who would gather at 4:20 pm to enjoy marijuana.

Munchies: This stoner lingo describes the strong hunger sensation often experienced after consuming cannabis. 

Wake and bake: This phrase refers to the act of using cannabis early in the morning.

Slang for Weed Measurements

Most slang for cannabis measurements dates back to when weed was predominantly illegal. While many of these terms have fallen by the wayside, numerous cannabis fanatics still use them. Here are some of the most prominent marijuana terms for various weed sizes.

Dime: A dime of weed is arguably the smallest amount of cannabis you can get. It often refers to half a gram or $10 worth of cannabis.  

Eighth: An eighth of weed refers to an eighth of an ounce or approximately 3.5 grams of cannabis. They often retail in 8th jars, which are also called 3.5-gram jars, and 8th bags

Zip: Essentially, a zip of weed refers to an ounce or approximately 28 grams of marijuana. 

Marijuana Plant Terminologies

As the cannabis world expands, it’s essential to become acquainted with the scientific and technical terms related to the plant. Here are a few weed vocabulary terms for cannabis plants.

Sativa: A variety of cannabis plants known for providing energizing and uplifting effects.

Indica: Indica strains are another variety of cannabis that typically lead to relaxation and body-focused sensations.

Hybrid: These are a combination of Sativa and Indica strains and can offer a blend of effects from both varieties.

Weed Vocabulary for Different Consumption Methods 

There are numerous ways to consume cannabis, each with its own unique set of slang terms and vocabulary. Some widespread consumption methods and their corresponding slang terms include:

Joint: A hand-rolled cannabis cigarette, sometimes referred to as a “doobie” or “spliff.” 

Spliff: The term “spliff” is slang for weed, meaning a joint containing tobacco. Even so, people often use it to refer to any type of pre-roll joint. 

Blunt: A cigar that has been emptied and repacked with cannabis. It’s crucial to remember the difference between a spliff and a joint or blunt because these weed related words are often used synonymously, although they refer to different products.

Dutchie: Seasoned smokers are the ones who commonly use this slang for marijuana, but some of them also may not know what a dutchie is. Essentially, the term “dutchie” may refer to different products depending on the market. However, it’s often used to refer to a joint or blunt.

Vape: The term “vape” is shortened from vaporizer. It’s a device that heats cannabis concentrates or dry flower without burning them and generates a vapor that’s inhaled.

Edibles: These are food products infused with cannabis, such as brownies or gummies. They are mostly consumed for their psychoactive properties.


There’s no denying that the cannabis landscape is changing, and so is the culture around it. Understanding stoner lingo is crucial for anyone who wants to be part of the industry, from entrepreneurs to consumers. This knowledge will help you better navigate the dynamic world of cannabis and feel connected within the community.

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