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Cannabis World Records

Cannabis World Records

There is no shortage of world records in the growing marijuana industry. From the largest bud ever recorded to the world’s biggest joint, these records give an insight into the resilience and adaptability of both the plant and the people who love it. Let’s delve into these unique records and the stories behind them.

Biggest Bud Ever Recorded

Remo Nutrients is said to be the grower of the biggest bud ever recorded. The grower has cultivated the largest buds in the industry, some of which are as big as a forearm. Creating the biggest nug of weed proved the power of selective breeding and dedicated horticulture practices.

World’s Biggest Blunt and Joint

The world of cannabis is not just about cultivation. It’s also about creativity, as showcased by the world’s biggest blunt and joint. The fattest blunt ever was a colossal creation weighing 5 pounds. Aptly named “bazooka blunt,” this fascinating creation was unveiled at one of the many 4/20 cannabis events in California. This record was not just about size but also about the community coming together in celebration of cannabis culture.

On the other hand, the world’s biggest joint was created over the course of five days by cannabis enthusiast Tony Greenhand. He rolled a massive 4.20-pound watermelon joint to commemorate the unofficial cannabis holiday. Greenhand had to build a unique stand to hold his creation comfortably and even needed a hose to smoke from it properly.

Biggest Weed Plant Ever Recorded

The record for the largest cannabis plant ever recorded is held by an auto-flowering marijuana strain that yielded up to 2.48 pounds of weed. The weight would have easily reached 3 pounds if all the buds were at an ideal moisture level or were allowed to grow fully. This feat would have made it one of the highest yielding plant ever grown. The record showcased the potential of marijuana as a crop and taken the benchmark for cannabis competitions to new heights.

The Most Weed Smoked By One Person

Determining who smokes the most weed is a tricky endeavor as it’s largely dependent on self-reported data. However, cannabis advocate Irvin Rosenfeld is recognized and featured in the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records under “most pot consumed.” Rosenfeld had consumed over 115,000 joints at the time of the record-setting achievement, more than anyone else in documented cannabis history. 

Rosenfeld may also be the record holder of the most blunts smoked in a day. Rosenfeld enrolled in the US government-sponsored Experimental New Drug Research Program back in 1982. He remains one of only four patients who still receive free joints every day from the government. For this reason, it wouldn’t be surprising if he also held the world record for most joints smoked in a day.


The world of cannabis is filled with record-breaking achievements and remarkable feats. These records highlight the passion and dedication of the global cannabis community. They also serve to promote cannabis businesses. As the industry continues to grow, many anticipate more records to be set and broken, pushing the boundaries in the marijuana sector.

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