Chef Zach Neil Teams Up With Cheech Marin To Launch Muncheechos

Chef Zach Neil Teams Up With Cheech Marin To Launch  Muncheechos

Iconic comedian, actor, and legendary marijuana personality Cheech Marin of Cheech & Chong is coming together with Chef Zack Neil to launch a marijuana-themed venture called “Muncheechos.” Muncheechos is an entirely virtual brand that is delivery-only, bringing customers non-infused eats right to their door- as delivery becomes more apparent amidst Covid. Neil, an established musician, author, bar/restaurant owner, and professional chef, revealed that he formulated his food delivery idea during times of uncertainty. He told DOPE Magazine that he “wanted to do a food delivery service that is marijuana friendly.”

Neil continued, “what Gatorade is to sports, I want my brand to be for cannabis users and food. This is where Muncheechos was born.” Neil had never met Cheech before coming up with his idea. He said, “I had this vision of doing a collaboration with Cheech just out of the blue.” He continued, “I didn’t know him. My business partner and I reached out to some people and were able to get a hold of his manager.” Neil concludes, “The next day we talked, then a few weeks later he came to one of my restaurants in LA, and he loved my idea and loved my food.”

Muncheechos aims to utilize ghost kitchens as a way to help restaurants that were hit hard amidst the pandemic. Neil explains that these restaurants “don’t have to change a thing…” he said, “They’re basically running a Muncheechos out of the back of their kitchen.” The duo is looking to launch 12-24 Muncheechos sites in restaurants all around the country, starting with major cities first, by next fall. In February, the first one will launch in New York, then Los Angeles, California, in March. The Muncheechos menu breaks down into five parts, according to Neil, to represent the five different types of cannabis users.

“THE HEALER” enjoys eating healthy plant-based vegan options; partaking in CBD oil hemp seed oil for medicinal uses. Options in this section include Pack a Bowl, a vegan dish that contains brown rice, sautéed herbed shrooms, onions and peppers, grilled veggie chicken, hemp seeds, green sauce (a blend of herbs and spices, puréed greens, Tabasco, agave, citrus), and Sprouts N Budz, featuring almond butter, fresh fruit jam, grilled crispy on sprouted bread.

“THE CREATOR” is for late-night creative types and has items like Work Daze: A soup and sandwich. Creamy tomato bisque, chipotle cream, grilled three-cheese on Texas Toast, garlic butter spread, and The Hybrid: the ultimate, savory-sweet grilled cheese. Herbed brie spread, Gouda, cheddar gruyere, thinly sliced granny apple, salted caramel drizzle, and Texas Toast.

“THE GAMER” is for video game lovers and will have dishes such as the Twitchy Burger—a ranch-dusted grilled beef burger, crispy fried onions, jalapeño jam, three-cheese sauce, shredded lettuce, and butter toasted bun.

“THE POT HEAD is straight carnage when you’re stoned and wanna get down on some insane munchies,” Neil said. It will have things like The Couch Lock—a sub roll stuffed with a Buffalo chicken and blue cheese egg roll, topped with Mac and cheese, chopped brisket, and melted smoked cheddar, finished with ranch.

Finally, “THE RECREATIONAL USER” is a variety of the first four offerings; and will have dishes like Up In Smoke: Cherry wood and hemp-smoked brisket tacos with a chili pepper wine demi-glace and garlic-lime crema.

Chef Neil told the publication that there were currently about 35 items on the menu. “We want to cater to plant-based vegan eaters as well as those who love deep-fried cheesy, salty, meaty junk food,” he said.

Unfortunately, delivery services or restaurants cannot serve food infused with THC due to legal reasons. “As soon as the cities allow legally for us to do so we will be making and delivering THC-infused products and foods,” Neil said. “But for now we will have certain CBD-infused products available, as well as some tonics and elixirs and things like that.” Seeing the culinary community come around to implementing cannabis with their menu items like Muncheechos.

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