Comedian Becomes TikTok Sensation & Advocates Cannabis For ADHD

Comedian Becomes TikTok Sensation & Advocates Cannabis For ADHD

In less than a year on TikTok, Darcy Michael, his husband Jeremy Baer, and their dog Yuna have attracted 1.8 million followers. Curious about the app, Michael dove in with Yuna-centric videos. 

Michael discovered that the more time he spent using TikTok, the more the app’s algorithm showed him content he liked — funny pet videos, explainers about mental health, educational cannabis videos, and other gay content creators.

“I was just like, okay wow — this app has really gotten to know me and is everything I don’t get from Instagram,” Michael said.

This excitement led him to encourage his husband and daughter to make videos with him. Videos like “Busy Donkey,” “Pop Quiz for my Stoner Husband,” “Impressions & Pranks,” and “ADHD Life” quickly went viral.

Their fun, lighthearted, open, and candid conversations about relationships, communication, cannabis, parenting, and ADHD began attracting viewers — millions of them.

Michael was diagnosed with ADHD later in life and feels he’s learned more about it via TikTok than in three years of therapy. One of his main goals with his TikTok videos is to help other neurodivergent people feel that they are “good, creative, people who can honestly accomplish so much.” For Michael, because cannabis has been an enormous help for dealing with his ADHD he believes it’s important to break the stigma around cannabis.

“I know there is stigma around marijuana, and people’s views on cannabis are so archaic, but you know what I trust a lot more…weed!” Michael says. “When I know my ADHD is going to really take over and I want to relax, that’s when I bust up some weed and say to myself, ‘okay, it’s time to slow things down.’ You don’t have to build an atrium in your house today. You can just make a little craft and do some stuff to chill out.”

He hopes that sharing his content with the world through TikTok will help people realize they can still feel joy and that they are worthy of love.

Darcy, alongside Jeremy, has built a committed fan base of 1.8 million dedicated viewers, who tune in to learn that ADHD can manifest itself in many different ways.

Oftentimes their experiences and struggles are not all that different from everyone else. He shares, “It’s showing people that I can be a productive member of society, and cannabis has also been a huge benefit to me, personally.” 

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