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Famous People That Smoke Weed

Famous People That Smoke Weed

Despite being in the limelight, several celebrities are outspoken about their cannabis use. In recent years, the perception of cannabis has changed immensely as numerous people have started using marijuana’s therapeutic benefits. This shift in attitude has paved the way for several famous people who smoke weed to discuss their cannabis use and advocate for marijuana reforms more openly.

Numerous celebrity weed smokers have been at the forefront of these discussions and shared their perspectives on cannabis use. Our guide explores the lives of some celebrity stoners to examine how weed influences their careers and personal lives.

Mike Tyson: Boxing Legend and Passionate Cannabis Supporter

Mike Tyson, the ex-heavyweight boxing titleholder, boasts a remarkable career with impressive victories. In recent times, Tyson has emerged as a vocal proponent of cannabis usage, attributing it to helping him overcome numerous life hurdles. He even founded Tyson Ranch, his own cannabis enterprise, to raise awareness about the advantages of marijuana.

The former boxing champ has also been selling cannabis products since 2016 through his Tyson Holistic label. Besides Mike Tyson’s wraps, you can also find other popular products, including Mike Bites. 

Tyson has candidly discussed the critical role that cannabis has played in managing his mental health, especially during his tumultuous years in the boxing industry. Although he has encountered various highs and lows, Tyson’s dedication to cannabis remains unwavering.

Snoop Dogg: Marijuana Culture’s Unofficial Ambassador

Discussing celebrities that smoke weed without mentioning Snoop Dogg would be quite absurd. The legendary rapper and entrepreneur has been a driving force behind cannabis culture for several decades. Snoop’s fondness for marijuana is apparent not only through his lyrics but also in his numerous cannabis-related business ventures.

Similarly, Snoop has never shied away from airing out his views on cannabis-related issues. Such support from celebrities like musicians and actors that smoke weed is what drives change in the industry. For instance, Snoop Dogg talking about athlete cannabis use sparked efforts to change the rules about cannabis use among athletes. 

Snoop has dabbled in the cannabis industry by launching his brand, Leafs by Snoop, and investing in several marijuana start-ups. He even co-hosted a cannabis-themed culinary show alongside Martha Stewart, which further highlights his enthusiasm for weed. Snoop Dogg’s unwavering commitment to promoting marijuana culture has solidified him as one of the most recognizable figures in the cannabis community. 

Brittany Griner: Pioneering Change on and off the Basketball Court

Accomplished basketball player Brittany Griner has attracted attention for both her exceptional skills on the court and her support of cannabis. Griner has been frank about using marijuana to alleviate anxiety and stress, which has helped normalize the conversation around mental health and cannabis within professional sports.

Griner faced a suspension from the WNBA for breaching their substance abuse policy. However, her experience ignited a discussion about the potential benefits of cannabis in sports, particularly in pain management and overall wellness. Griner’s honesty about her cannabis consumption has sparked conversations about athletes who smoke weed.

Sha’Carri Richardson: Unabashed Speed and Power

Sha’Carri Richardson, a gifted track and field sprinter, found herself in the limelight when she was barred from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics following a positive marijuana test. Richardson’s disqualification incited a debate concerning the current rules governing cannabis use in sports and their potential adverse effects on athletes.

However, Sha’Carri Richardson has remained unapologetic about her cannabis consumption, highlighting that she turned to marijuana as a coping mechanism after the passing of her biological mother. Her story struck a chord with many weed celebrities and the community at large, necessitating a refined approach to cannabis use in sports.

The Bottom Line

The list of successful marijuana users is quite endless. However, these four celebrities who smoke weed are some of the few who are outspoken about their support and use of cannabis. As the weed industry grows, many are closely watching how the future of cannabis use in sports will unfold.

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