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Here Are The Greatest Cannabis Vacation Destinations

Here Are The Greatest Cannabis Vacation Destinations

The problem for most cannabis users is finding a travel destination where they can both relax by the beach and light up. Of course, getting cozy with the locals or staff at a tourism resort can help find you access to something but perhaps, it’s not the greatest. Let’s be real — we’ve all been stuck in a situation outside of our homes where finding cannabis can be quite sketchy. On top of that, it’s always hit or miss when you try and cop an eighth from some random at the bar.

Of course, when you’re looking to travel in hopes of securing cannabis, you should be mindful of local laws. There are countries where cannabis is still completely prohibited while other places have more ‘lax laws. 

If you’re looking to find a place where you can get high and relax without the paranoia of getting caught, there are a few places you should look into, according to The Weed Blog.

Jamaica became largely synonymous with cannabis because of Bob Marley. Though it’s still not fully legalized, it was the first country to open the doors for legalizing cannabis for spiritual purposes. Rastafarianism remains a prominent religion on the island. Every household is allowed to grow up to five plants but if you plan on smoking publicly, you’ll likely end up catching a fine. 

While you might be looking for a nice resort to head out to this winter, why not check out some of the ganja resorts available? A place like Hotel Mockingbird is located in Port Antonio and caters to the cannabis enthusiast. Along with excellent dining options, tourists can get themselves a medical prescription from an in-house doctor before getting weed delivered to their room.

Another hot spot in Jamaica is Starlight Chalet — an all-inclusive resort that provides all the vacation fixings that you’re looking for, along with access to the country’s finest cannabis. There are Jamaican herb houses in its near surroundings that will keep you educated on the local strains and provide you with the best ganja the island has to offer.

Similarly, Blue Skies Beach Resort will give you the experience you need in Jamaica. Located by an incredible 7-mile beach with the most stunning view and excellent dining options, the local ganja farm isn’t too far away and will certainly get you set up with the finest cannabis available.

If you’re looking for a quick getaway in the States, there’s no better place than sunny California. For some, it’s a local getaway but outside of places like Los Angeles, there’s a whole cannabis-filled world to explore. Humboldt County, specifically, is known for growing some of the best cannabis in the world. Not only can you get some of the best brands delivered straight to your hotel, but there are also tours of the Emerald Tour Farm that will offer you better insight into how some of the best weed in the world is grown.

Of course, just north of California will lead you to the Great North, otherwise known as Canada. Not only is British Columbia best known for its extremely potent cannabis, but it’s also legal all across the country. No matter where you go, you will be able to find cannabis easily accessible to anyone over the age of 18. In B.C., you will be able to find several bud and breakfast spots, and some great nature trails to light up on. 

We’ve listed you Jamaica, the U.S., and Canada but ultimately, it’s Amsterdam that held the title as a cannabis capital for so long. Similar to Jamaica, it’s illegal to be lighting up in public but the cannabis coffee shops are definitely worth experiencing, at least once. 

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