If You’re New To Cannabis Don’t Just Jump In The Deep End: Tips For Beginners

If You’re New To Cannabis Don’t Just Jump In The Deep End: Tips For Beginners

If you’re new to cannabis or returning to it after a long time away, you’ll want to do a little prep work to ensure you have the experience you’re looking for. It can be helpful to research what to expect from each different product. Read up on dabbing and wax, check out canna-oil & canna-butter. Get a sense of how long it takes for each variation to kick in, what kind of high to expect, and how intense it is. If you’re looking for something to make you a tad less anxious in a work meeting that’s different than wanting something for a big weekend in Vegas.

Whatever you choose —edibles, bong, dab rig, wax, etc.— do a trial run at home first. Go it alone or invite a few close friends over.  Either way, don’t make your solo flight too public. It’s also critical to start small and be patient. Trying to push your buzz to the “next level” usually results in too many snacks and a long nap.

Once you find what you like, you may want to refine your choices. Any worthwhile dispensary will have a knowledgeable staff willing to help out. Get absolute clarity from them before purchasing anything. You might even get a great story out of them.

If you use pre-rolled cones, a weed grinder, or any number of other weed accessories, smoking has never been easier. Joints and blunts are some of the most popular ways to get high, but that doesn’t mean you should let yourself get stuck in a rut. Vapes and dabs are also convenient and discrete ways to get high.

Always demand the best for yourself.  Only go to a reputable and trusted dispensary that provides fresh, lab-tested cannabis. If the product isn’t fresh, has no consistency, or dispensary staff is awkwardly silent when asked for info, it’s time to find a new place. 

Whether you’re a first-timer or returning after a long weed-sabbatical, follow some simple guidelines to make sure you get where you want to go the way you want to get there.

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