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November’s Signs & Strains: Leafly’s Recommended Cannabis Strains For Your Horoscope

November’s Signs & Strains: Leafly’s Recommended Cannabis Strains For Your Horoscope

So, Leafly released November’s “Star Signs and Cannabis Strains” horoscopes, and it looks like this month will be full of meaningful decisions, emotional growth, and some of the coziest strains on the market. The year is coming to an end, after all. The weather’s getting colder, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we’re in the final stretch before the holiday season hits. There’s more time to reflect inward. How better to achieve that than with the most celebrated strains on the market?

A new moon enters on November 4th. The Scorpio babies have a surprise ahead, but this also means some significant changes for the others.

Below, we’ve broken down the strains to match your horoscope this month, courtesy of Leafly.


Scorpio SZN is in full effect these days, but on Nov 4th, a new moon will take over. Plus, Mercury will also enter your sign on Nov 5th. Both of these significant shifts will provide some much-needed clarity and spontaneity to your days.

The strain to perfectly capture your vibes this month is Headband. The Indica-dominant hybrid is a cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel and boasts lemony, creamy, diesel-like aromas and flavors. The name might create mental images of sweaty athletes or the groovy souls of the ’70s, but the name comes from the sensational pressure felt around one’s temple after smoking.

Headband is a perfect choice to chill out and enjoy the crisp fall weather with all the excitement for Scorpio’s in the months ahead. Medical patients appreciate its pain-relieving effects, which also help with alleviating stress. It’s not a recommended choice for tackling daunting tasks but for the creatives out there, H.B. could very well be the boost of artistic inspiration needed as the days get darker and darker.


All the Sags out there are about to have a big month ahead but primarily for inward reflection. With a new moon entering Scorpio, there will be a lot of direct communication. Mercury’s addition to the equation will also help assert logical thinking above emotional reactions as the year comes to an end. Ultimately, a lot of personal growth is coming.

This month, get your hands on some Acapulco Gold. While it is increasingly rare to find, the legendary Sativa is known for its mood-boosting effects. It’s a strain that’s often associated with helping patients diagnosed with PTSD or depression. The cerebral impact meets a perfect body buzz that doesn’t compromise the happy, easy-going, free-flowing feelings of Acapulco Gold.

It’s a rare strain, but it’s a perfect treat to unwind as 2022 approaches. The flavors of Acapulco Gold have been compared to a five-star Michelin meal, while the scent of burnt toffee exudes through broken buds.


There’s a similarity among all signs as the new moon enters Scorpio. For Capricorns, this also means tons of internal reflecting must take place. However, it’s also the time to focus on your home, whether it’s repair and maintenance work that needs handling before the winter hits or, more simply, bringing the family closer together ahead of the holidays.

Skunk #1 is Leafly’s recommendation for all the Caps this month. There will be a lot of direct and thoughtful communication with a full moon and lunar eclipse set for Taurus. It’s an excellent strain meant for chronic pain, fatigue, and depression. With the focus on home and reflecting on yourself, Skunk #1 provides a balance of uplifting euphoria while still inducing relaxation and peace. A good night’s rest is what’s needed to create a balance between home and work life.

Skunk #1 is a legendary strain with a vast influence on the new genetics emerging these days. As you emphasize building your foundation at home, bringing it back to this foundational strain seems perfectly appropriate.


November is looking like a restful month for all the Aquarius out there. The year’s coming to an end with Thanksgiving just weeks away – a season that emphasizes gratitude. Christmas comes shortly after – a season that emphasizes giving. Before then, take some time to focus on yourself – your needs and your wants – and make sure to treat yourself before diving into a month of thankfulness and selfless spending.

Accompanying a month of self-indulgence for all of our Aquarius folks is Potato Runtz. It’s a 50/50 hybrid strain that’s fairly rare, although you can definitely hunt it down. It’s a perfect blend of Potato Kush and a member of the Runtz family, providing an equal mix of benefits that you’d get from both Sativa and Indica strains. A boost in creativity and energy fuels the euphoric feelings from smoking this strain.

Potato Runtz is a perfect way to cap these fall evenings for those feeling burnt out. It’s known for relieving stress and depression and contains earth flavors and fruity after tastes that will make your post-work toke even better. Grab your favorite pipe, a blanket, and a good book, and head out to the porch for some much-deserved me time!


Pisces plays a pivotal role in the Zodiac chart since it comes in last. There’s a responsibility that accompanies this star sign; to be honest with yourself and others as you reflect on all aspects of the year that passed. The mistakes should be lessons, and accomplishments should be motivation. Keeping an open heart and truthful dialogue with those around you will be at the forefront of your intentions this month. Neptune’s also in retrograde this month which might make you feel detached, though you’ll come out of it with an even stronger spirit.

Things might seem overwhelming around this time, but that’s why Mochi is an excellent selection for your November smoke. A cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout and Sunset Sherbet, its high THC levels are powerfully potent while the balancing nature of this hybrid strain keeps you level-headed throughout your high. While it is relaxing and helps with insomnia, it’s also an excellent strain for socializing, which can be particularly useful as the new moon enters Scorpio and Neptune retrogrades. Its mouthwatering flavors – a sweet inhale and a sour, minty exhale – and euphoric effects make it a perfect treat to cap off your day.


Ah, the line leader of our celestial parade – the ever feisty and persistent Aries. According to Leafly, Mars (your ruler) is making moves this month, which should ideally translate to clear and open communication with those in your life. As the year draws to an end, November is a perfect month for you to relish the freeing power of honesty and owning your truths, which also means being brave enough to accept where you’ve gone awry.

To help you open your mind, reflect on your past, and encourage your vocal cords to get going, Aries are going to want to puff on some Lilac Deisel flower this November. The uplifting, almost giggly effects of this complex strain are just what you need to bring creativity to the lazy last days of this beautiful fall. Notes of ripe berries, fresh flowers, classic chem, and earthy pine burst from the luscious buds of Lilac Diesel as it burns – combined with its average 22% THC, it’s just powerful enough to overpower the stubborn Aries within you.

While the end of winter and the emergence of new life is your preferred season, take time to absorb the meaningfulness of the opposite time of year, when everything must sadly come to an end. The goal is to let more than the leaves slip away this November; utilize Lilac Diesel’s beneficial effects to let malice, grudges, and all other negative things slip away from your heart and mind, too.


Big Bull energy is on the horizon this month. With Jupiter in motion, Taurus will find themselves looking towards self-reflection and personal development in the coming weeks. Don’t stress it, though. It’s an opportunity to address matters weighing on your heart heavily and relieve some of that weight off of your shoulders.

Though it might feel like there’s an overload of matters to confront, White Widow can easily help you to balance out the highs and the lows. This particular hybrid strain originally hailed from the Netherlands, crossbred between Brazilian Sativa and Indian Indica strains. As days get shorter they can also become draining, but White Widow’s uplifting high provides an excellent source of euphoria and energy. The near-white appearance of this frosty strain results from its astounding number of trichomes on the buds, reminding us of the snow-covered days ahead. But the piney, earthy flavor and aroma remind us of the new growth and life to come the following spring.

November is a month for some much-needed self-reflection, even if it comes with dealing with matters that you’ve been brushing off. The addition of White Widow into your daily routine will offer a much-needed boost of energy when you’re feeling drained.


For Geminis, there might be some tough times ahead, but it’s a matter of testing your strength. Remind yourself that any negativity in your life isn’t permanent. The universe might be trying you around this time. As Mercury enters Scorpio on the 5th, contentious communication is on the horizon, though it’s nothing to fret over. Use the time for self-reflection, instead. 

For all that might be going on in the next few weeks, the bursting citrus flavors of Mimosa are what you need to brighten balance your days. This Indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Clementine and Purple Punch with a high 27% THC. What’s notable about this strain is that it works best at leveling out your mood and provides excellent stress relief that works in both the mornings and evenings.

Communication could get shaky this month, and some challenges might present themselves. It’s best to remember that all of this will pass with time. Whether you’re packing pre-rolled cones or a weed bowl, a jar of Mimosa is a must-have for Geminis this November.


Cancers will find themselves enjoying the many changes that are arriving in the coming weeks. The new moon in Scorpio will bring extraordinary meditative moments to explore your inner thoughts about the world around you. Plus, Taurus’ full moon and solar eclipse will offer some exciting conversation and a solid foundation for balancing the many aspects of your life, including your work and personal time.

For those reasons, Leafly recommends Cancers indulge in the gorgeous and cerebral Biscotti strain this month. Things might be slowing down for you as you gain a new sense of comfort in your day-to-day life. Biscotti will help you sink into this comfort even further. A crossbreed of Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato #26, and South Florida OG, this Indica-heavy strain offers a rich, decadent taste yet manages to provide an uplifting and buzzing high. It’s the perfect strain for dinner with friends or for those long walks on crisp fall afternoons.


As the night sky arrives earlier these days, normally fast-paced Leos might find themselves feeling a little uninspired and sluggish. It’s hard to break out of but November can be filled with some serious excitement once you do. The new moon in Scorpio could provide some much-needed clarity during these times. The sun enters Sagittarius on Nov 21st, while Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 24th. Expect the unexpected but embrace it, as well. Step outside of your comfort zone to accomplish personal goals that you’ve been putting off.

Flirting with temptation might be the dose of excitement needed for Leos this month. So what better strain than Forbidden Fruit? A cross between Cherry Pie and Tangie, this Indica-dominant strain is highly favored among medicinal patients suffering from depression and insomnia. Leos might face similar feelings, but Forbidden Fruit is a flavorful accompaniment for the uncertain times ahead.


Virgos will enjoy a month of meditation and clarity, especially with the new moon in Scorpio on Nov 4th. November will be a month to clear out the negativity from your mind and soul to re-energize as 2022 approaches. Mercury is in effect all month long as it enters on Nov 5th. Then the full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov 19th will provide some clear communication among your inner circle – a fresh slate to enter the new year.

Life may have gotten stressful over the months, but November will be a time to unwind. Black Diamond OG is a potent strain with numerous benefits for the Virgos. Its medicinal properties have proven to aid numerous ailments, from chronic pain to anxiety. Black Diamond provides deeply relaxing effects to the body while stimulating the mind; it’s a strain that’s perfect for those solo smoke sessions or casually catching up with some friends around the fire.

If Virgos have found themselves overwhelmed, November will finally give them a break from all of the stresses. Black Diamond will help enhance the feeling of much-needed relaxation.


It’s always a matter of balance for Libras. The year’s end is nearing, and after such a productive year, the time for self-observation is now. It begins with the new moon on Nov 4th, which provides an excellent time for internal reflection. The results from this time could vary. Chances are, financial decisions will present themselves to you, but taking risks to reap more immense benefits down the line is inevitable, right? Once Mercury enters Sagittarius, a path of self-discovery will be in front of you. Who knows what you’ll end up finding out about yourself?

Call on a strong Sativa for the amount of deep thinking set to take place this month. Libras will likely find themselves in a deep meditative state on this journey of self-discovery. Allow the Jet Fuel strain to stimulate your thoughts during these periods, which boosts energy with a dose of euphoria to round out the effects A cross between OG Kush and High Country Diesel, the Sativa genes are definitely powerful in Jet Fuel. For all of the Libras that find themselves trying to learn more about themselves, Jet Fuel will push you closer to the answers you’re seeking.

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