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Poll Finds That Americans Would Vote For A Politician That Smokes Cannabis

Poll Finds That Americans Would Vote For A Politician That Smokes Cannabis

According to a report by Marijuana Moment, most Americans don’t have a problem voting for a politician who occasionally smokes cannabis. The article cited a survey conducted by YouGov that involved 4,096 adults across the nation. The poll results revealed that 58% of Americans would be open to the idea of voting for a political candidate who occasionally smokes cannabis.

The YouGov study also found that only 21% of adults in America would not be willing to vote for a politician who hits the silicone water bong in their free time. 

Another 21% of American adults were not sure about their decision. These findings come after a Louisiana Senate candidate, Gary Chambers, consumed marijuana in a recent campaign ad to destigmatize the plant.  

The poll by YouGov also revealed that most people who’d be willing to vote for a politician who partakes in cannabis are from the western regions of the US. 

This is evident in that many western states like California, Arizona, and Montana have legalized recreational cannabis. The support for cannabis has significantly risen over the years due to the reforms happening at the state level. 

Even so, Chambers isn’t the first political aspirant to publicly declare their stance on cannabis reforms in their campaign. 

Marijuana laws have been a matter of interest for many politicians as we draw closer to the elections. 

According to the YouGov survey, Democrats are more likely to vote for a cannabis smoker, with 68% of people being open to voting for someone who partakes and only 15% disagreeing with the sentiment. 

On the other hand, about 47% of Republicans are willing to vote for a cannabis toker if they are at par with most issues. 

While Chambers’ bold move may have been an incredible conversation starter, it’s not the first time a political aspirant has smoked cannabis on a campaign ad. 

Anthony Clark, who ran an unsuccessful preliminary battle against a Democratic congressional incumbent in Illinois, was also unafraid to partake in cannabis on an ad campaign. Clark took the opportunity to describe his personal experience with marijuana and the need for federal law reforms on the substance. 

A few years ago, Benjamin Thomas Wolf, another Congress hopeful from Illinois, showed his support for marijuana by releasing a picture of himself smoking a joint in front of an artwork depicting the American flag. 

Similarly, many politicians have continued to be vocal about their opinions on the legalization of cannabis. Earlier this year, Greg Abbott, a Republican gubernatorial candidate from Texas, expressed his support for cannabis legalization while on a campaign trail in Edinburg. 

Abbott explained that low-level marijuana charges are not worthy of overcrowding state prisons. Although Abbott remains the favorite candidate for the Texas gubernatorial seat, other aspirants have not shied away from expressing their thoughts on the matter.

Beto O’Rourke, another candidate for the Texas gubernatorial seat, is yet another outspoken political aspirant with a strong stance on cannabis reforms. 

The former congressman released a manifesto highlighting his plans to decriminalize cannabis in the state if he won. It included posing a marijuana tax that would go towards helping people incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis-related crimes. 

O’Rourke’s reform strategy also focused on pardoning people sentenced to prison for cannabis possession. 

The President of the United States has also previously stated his support for cannabis legalization. During his presidential bid in 2019, Joe Biden openly expressed his support for the decriminalization of marijuana. 

He also said that people who have been jailed for low-level cannabis crimes deserve clemency. While the president is yet to act on his promises, other leaders have called upon him to uphold his pledge

Even so, Americans’ support for politicians who partake in cannabis does not come as a surprise. The past few years have been remarkable for the marijuana industry worldwide. Cannabis reforms have become more frequent in the United States, and the nation’s support for decriminalizing the substance is at an all-time high. 

Although no one holding a political seat in the US has ever publicly smoked marijuana, Americans have expressed that they are willing to support one who does.

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