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This Company Will Pay You $1,500 To Smoke Weed For 30 Days

This Company Will Pay You $1,500 To Smoke Weed For 30 Days

Flower and Freedom, a “cannabis for wellness” website that offers growing tips, sells seeds, and blogs about the cannabis industry, is launching an enticing research initiative: they’re looking for three people to become their temporary “Cannabis Effects Specialists,” who will each receive $1,500. “Our study will only be 30 days long and our Specialists will have all cannabis and equipment provided to them,” wrote David Rose, Flower and Freedom’s founder, on their blog. “We have a few different theories behind the pros and cons of casual cannabis use, and we want to provide more information to our community.”

Of course, to be eligible for the study you need to meet a list of requirements, including being of legal age (21+) and living in a state where recreational cannabis is 100% legal. While anyone in any legalized state or nation can apply, you’ll also need to have strong English skills to complete the reviewing of various cannabis strains and have ample internet/computer access to join video calls. But if you’re one of the chosen three Specialists, you’ll be helping the Flowers and Freedom team explore the various effects of cannabis on “mood, sleep, appetite, motivation, and more!”

If you think you’re up to the toking task, check out the application at the bottom of the Flowers and Freedom blog post! You could literally get paid to smoke weed and talk about how it makes you feel – who wouldn’t want to do that? 

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