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Uruguay To Increase THC Levels In Adult-Use Cannabis

Uruguay To Increase THC Levels In Adult-Use Cannabis

In 2013, Uruguay became the first country to legalize adult-use cannabis, but at first, only personal cultivation and cannabis clubs were allowed. In 2017, pharmacies in the South American country began distributing two strains of adult-use cannabis called Alfa and Beta, which only contain about 9% THC and 3% CBD, respectively. Now, Uruguay is considering increasing those cannabinoid levels, particularly considering that the private cultivation clubs often grow strains averaging around 20% THC. 

Daniel Radío, Uruguay’s general secretary of their National Drug Board, said on Monday that in addition to the THC level changes, the country is considering allowing tourists to purchase adult-use cannabis when visiting – something they’ve previously been unallowed to do. However, according to Ganjapreneur, Radío also said that the changes are unlikely to happen for this tourist season but that he believes allowing tourists to purchase cannabis may increase the country’s overall tourism draw. 

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