2021 cannabis cup northern california

Winners Of The Cannabis Cup Northern California: People’s Choice Edition 2021

Winners Of The Cannabis Cup Northern California: People’s Choice Edition 2021

What the Grammys is to music and the Oscars is to film, the High Times Cannabis Cup is a celebration honoring the best growers in the cannabis industry. The elite growers pushing the boundaries with cross genetics and growing techniques to produce some of the best products available —from extracts to pre-rolls.

The cannabis industry has grown exponentially in the past year, despite a global pandemic slowing down nearly every other sector. Dispensaries adjusted to delivery and e-commerce settings just as more and more states began legalizing cannabis. The virtual world has seeped into the cannabis industry, which has ultimately proved beneficial. The Cannabis Cup Northern California: People’s Choice Edition returned in virtual form this year and judges were able to put their support behind some of the best products of the year.

Whether you’re looking for the best Indica, Sativa, or even concentrates, here’s the breakdown of the winners for this year’s Cannabis Cup via High Times.



  1. Atrium Cultivation – Juice Z
  2. LitHouse – Runtz
  3. Top-Shelf Cultivation – Whoa-Si-Whoa
  4. Green Dragon – Mamba Mints
  5. Caliva – Kush Mints


  1. Garcia Hand Picked – Super Lemon Haze
  2. Sovereign – Mother’s Milk
  3. Green Dragon – 80’s Baby
  4. LitHouse – Orange Daquiri
  5. Ember Valley – Jack Cake


  1. Sovereign – Miracle Alien Cookies
  2. Sense – Rainbow Chip
  3. UMMA Sonoma – Apples & Bananas
  4.  LitHouse – 5Alive
  5. Phinest Cannabis – Carbon Fiber


  1. High Supply – Gordo
  2. Phinest Cannabis – Fresh Squeeze OG
  3. Fumé – Dank Fruit


  1. Cream of the Crop – Diamond Barrel Infused Pre-Roll
  2. Kingpen – Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush Infused Kingroll
  3. Sovereign – Solventless Mother’s Milk Fatso Geode Pre-Roll
  4. Atrium Cultivation – ’92 OG Pre-Roll
  5. Heavy Hitters – Diamond Infused Pre-Roll

Non-Solvent Concentrates

  1. URSA Extracts – Orange Creamsicle Diamond Holy Water
  2. Mohave Gold – Zkittle Mints Badder
  3. Gold Drop – Orange Fruity Pebbles Diamond Badder
  4. Green Dragon – Lucky #7 Badder
  5. Phinest Cannabis – S.P.B.S. Live Resin

Vape Pens


  1. Dripp – Grape Soda Sativa Vape
  2. Buddies – Berry Jane – Sativa Vape
  3. Dime Industries – Mango Diesel Sativa Vape
  4. Jetty Extracts – Cannalope Haze Live Resin Sativa Vape
  5. Select – Elite Live Orangezina Sunset Sativa Vape


  1. Kingpen – Zookies Indica Vape
  2. Jetty Extracts – Banana Creme Solventless Indica Vape
  3. CLSICS – GMO x Silver Grape Solventless Indica Vape
  4. Phinest Cannabis – Wedding Pie Live Resin Indica Vape
  5. Caliva – Alien OG Fresh Flower Indica Vape



  1. Green Revolution – Doozies Mango Chile Gummies
  2. Kanha – 1:1:1 CBN Tranquility Gummies
  3. Sensi – Bedtime Blueberry Melatonin Gummies
  4. Good News – Pride Sour Gummies
  5. KIVA: Lost Farm – Super Lemon Haze Strawberry Lemonade Live Resin Gummies


  1. Bhang – Ice Chocolate Bar
  2. KIVA: Lost Farm – Blue Dream Blueberry Live Resin Fruit Chews
  3. Dollar Dose – Fruit Punch Lozenge
  4. Santa Cruz Mountaintops – Ganja Doses Blue Dream Mints
  5. Jelly Wizard – White Chocolate Magic Morsels


  1. Manzanita Naturals – The Fizz Infused Cola
  2. House of Saka – Spark Mimosa
  3. Wunder – Sessions Grapefruit Hibiscus Beverage
  4. Santa Cruz Mountaintops – Beber Heal Beverage Mix
  5. TONIK – Mixed Berry Seltzer

Topical, Tinctures & Capsules

  1. Dr. Raw Organics – Relax Formula Twist up Topical Balm
  2. THC Living – Freeze 1:1 Cold Therapy Roll-On
  3. Select – Squeeze Hint of Sweet Beverage Tincture
  4. Green Revolution – Deep Rest Avocado Oil Tincture
  5. Day Dreamers – Liquid Dreams – Indica Capsules

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