Entrepreneur Launches Job Search Engine For Careers That Allow (Off The Clock) Cannabis Consumption

Entrepreneur Launches Job Search Engine For Careers That Allow (Off The Clock) Cannabis Consumption

A new job search engine connects cannabis consumers looking for work with employers offering career opportunities that do not require drug screening for marijuana as a condition for employment. The job-hunting tool, Phynally (pronounced “finally”), was founded by Philadelphia entrepreneur Damian Jorden in April 2021.

“We want to match people with transparent employers who have transitioned out of those old policies that date back to the War on Drugs, employers who know that the future is legalization,” Jorden said in an interview with Philadelphia Magazine over the summer.

Jorden came up with the concept for Phynally after noticing that many of his friends, colleagues, and associates who consumed cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes would stop consuming it to prepare for pre-employment drug tests. In a virtual interview with Forbes, Jorden said cannabis consumers “go through the interview process blindly, not knowing if the company they were interviewing for screened for cannabis or not.”

After noticing that a lot of employers do not include marijuana in their drug test screenings, Jorden realized there was a lack of transparency between cannabis consumers and progressive employers. In the same interview with Forbes, Jorden said the barrier between the two groups inspired him to “create a platform to connect two groups of people who have essentially been conditioned to avoid each other.”

Phynally offers career opportunities in banking, retail, health care, and other industries. Job postings are located all over the United States and remote jobs are available, as well. The innovative and futuristic search engine tool allows corporations 15 free job postings for 30 days and startups one job posting for 30 days. At an annual subscription rate of $150, employers have access to unlimited job postings all year.

Cannabis-consuming job hunters can upload their resumes on Phynally completely free of charge, which is amazingly refreshing today. The resumes are uploaded to a database accessible to employers searching for potential candidates. As more states legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana, more companies are no longer testing for cannabis consumption.

“Just because someone consumes cannabis on their time does not mean they are not qualified for a position. That’s why we are here to give employers access to a completely new pool of job seekers.” Jorden explained to Forbes.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) recently announced that it wouldn’t be testing its athletes for marijuana for the upcoming season, although I don’t know if you can expect to be drafted through Jorden’s platform, brilliant as it is. The recent changes in pre-employment drug testing reflect how the general public is slowly accepting cannabis culture, though, and the stigmas surrounding cannabis are slowly but surely eroding. Even celebrities are advocating for sports leagues to allow athletes to consume marijuana.

Some big-name companies that post on Phynally include Citizen Bank, Hasbro, Amazon, and tech giant Microsoft. The website also has job postings to work for the city of Atlanta, GA.

Phynally allows people to peacefully consume their favorite blunt wraps without worrying about failing a drug test for marijuana. “We are the LinkedIn for cannabis users,” Jorden told Philadelphia Magazine.

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