FBI Eases Cannabis Employment Hiring Protocols For Prospective Agents

FBI Eases Cannabis Employment Hiring Protocols For Prospective Agents

Cannabis reform is making ripples on the federal level in small intervals. Recently, the Federal Bureau of Intelligence loosened its employment restrictions for prospective agents who used cannabis within the last year before applying.

The new policy says “candidates cannot have used marijuana or cannabis in any form (natural or synthetic) and in any location (domestic or foreign) within the one (1) year preceding the date of their application for employment.” Before this adjustment, possible candidates were prohibited from using the plant within the past three years. This is one huge sign that cannabis reform is advancing federally, as this change was done quietly by the FBI.

The new policy also notes that cannabis consumption “before the candidate’s 18th birthday is not a disqualifier for FBI employment.” However, it also says that a judge will determine the candidate’s eligibility by evaluating them using the “whole-person concept.” This is great news for the kid in high school who purchased RAW cones to smoke weed for the first time with friends, but wants to be a federal agent as an adult. Although the agency didn’t formally come out with an announcement about the policy change, they alluded to it on social media.

Looking at this type of reform, it’s definitely a momentous advancement at one of the top law enforcement agencies in a country where cannabis use is still strictly prohibited federally. Change of policy might have been more so out of necessity, as former FBI Director James Comey in 2014 mentioned that he wanted to ease the bureau’s employment policy as it concerns cannabis. He felt that potentially skilled workers were being passed over due to the requirement. While the job site says, “The FBI is firmly committed to a drug-free society and workplace” it looks like they may have to make even more major adjustments if they want to continue to receive the best and brightest candidates.

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