Cannabis Businesses Turning To Secure Video Surveillance From Cloudastructure

Cannabis Businesses Turning To Secure Video Surveillance From Cloudastructure

In addition to the myriad of rules regarding compliance, packaging, and other cannabis industry requirements, industrial facilities must also have extensive video surveillance. These video requirements can vary wildly from state to state – for instance, California requires a one-megapixel camera while other states require an eight-megapixel camera. Then, each state has its own rules for video storage. Sort of last but certainly not least, there are universal rules requiring the storage of footage from every second of every hour of every day the business exists. Violators can be fined or, in extreme cases, even foreclosed.

For someone operating farms and dispensaries in multiple states, things get confusing quickly – the requirements in one state are sometimes prohibited in another. Utilizing the cloud, however, is gaining traction in people’s minds as a possible solution.

Silicon Valley-based Cloudastructure has created secure cloud-based recording systems that were scooped up by hospitals and schools in the early days of the system’s existence. But now, Cloudastructure is now bringing its surveillance insight to the rapidly evolving and expanding cannabis industry.

Through their state-of-the-art system, all of a client’s cameras – even across different facilities – are continually connected to the cloud. Cannabis companies can now have a single point of control over multiple facilities, allowing supervisors, owners, regulators, and more to keep a closer eye on the goings-on across an entire (often multi-state) business endeavor.

When all the cameras are connected, storing and archiving data in the cloud is more accessible than physical tape or discs. The struggles and challenges that once were typical with video surveillance just ten years ago disappear with cloud-based systems. Cloudastructure has software that automatically detects and connects new and existing cameras (regardless of the brand), and sophisticated tagging and facial recognition make searching through video archives easy as pie. Because the footage is stored in a central location on the cloud, users can access it from anywhere. One of the biggest perks of switching to the cloud, however, is that it’s safe from ecological disasters like fires or floods.

Aside from video, Cloudastructure is also involved in the worlds of machine learning and computer vision, giving the company’s forward-looking products a competitive edge. 

Up to 72% of marijuana start-ups fail to comply with their state’s video and surveillance guidelines. Cloudastructure’s forward-looking technology takes care of the complications so that everyone from cultivators to dispensary owners can focus their energy on their passions.

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