The University Of Denver Plans To Offer Cannabis Certificate Program

The University Of Denver Plans To Offer Cannabis Certificate Program - Marijuana Packaging

The University of Denver is spearheading the academic sector by launching a cannabis-related certificate program. The university is partnering with Green Flower, a cannabis education company, to offer a non-credit certificate program. The course will cover the business of cannabis, cannabis agriculture and horticulture, and cannabis law and policy.

Each certificate has three eight-week courses offered online, in which participants can finish in roughly six weeks. In 2020, Green Flower reported that Colorado had approximately 34,700 jobs in the cannabis sector. The state also recorded a whopping $1.77 billion in cannabis sales. Additionally, the nationwide job market in the industry is projected to expand by 250% by 2028.

The principal director of the Center for Professional Development at the Denver learning institution, Renae Jacob, acknowledged the rapid growth of the marijuana industry. He further added that the collaboration with the university would provide relevant and valuable training for those who want to have a solid career in the sector. Jacob also added that the institution would integrate curriculum in social equity. It will seek to educate students on how the legalization of marijuana impacts different communities and people of color.

Considering that Colorado was the first state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, it continues to lead in other areas of reform. A retiring Colorado congressman plans to push for cannabis banking legislation. Although Ed Perlmutter isn’t planning to run for reelection, he stated that he would continue to push for a cannabis banking bill up to his retirement. This shows how the state is dedicated to reforming the marijuana sector.

The CEO of Green Flower, Max Simon, said that the company is privileged to work with the highly ranked and the most respected university in the state. The company has now listed 15 partner universities and colleges on its website. The collaboration of Green Flower with various learning institutions helps improve research in the marijuana industry. Since the infrastructure bill also includes support for cannabis research, the sector is poised to benefit tremendously.

The reforms and legalization in the cannabis sector have opened numerous doors to many countries. Places where the adult use of marijuana has been legalized, are reaping exponential revenue from cannabis and smoking accessories. The cannabis certificate programs offered in learning institutions help set a solid foundation for excellence and professionalism in the booming sector.

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