Taking A Closer Look At Cannabis Packaging

Taking A Closer Look At Cannabis Packaging

Some people would be content to have everything they buy come in a plain brown box or bag. For the rest of us, the packaging offers an additional compelling motivation for purchase – i.e., we like it when it’s pretty or it’s cool looking. Cannabis is no different, but with the added necessity of function and form. Cannabis packaging requires some combination of utility, tamper-proof, tamper-evident, opacity, and temperature protection.

With so many dispensaries displaying their wares in glass jars with wooden lids, it’s easy to become complacent about the effects light can have on cannabis. The LED lighting in the dispensary is harmless, but direct sunlight can dry out your product and cause terpenes, THC, and other compounds to leech out of the leaves. Most cannabis is sold in opaque or heavily tinted containers to protect the product and keep customers happy. At the very least, the product is in an opaque bag at the point of sale.

Moisture is another enemy of agricultural packaging. An unexpectedly small amount of water can cause mold to spread on marijuana. From the growers to the cultivators to the retailers, cannabis is kept in sealed containers designed to keep out moisture. When you bring something home to put in your bongdab rig, or flavored blunt wraps, you can be confident it’s mold-free.

Another important aspect of packaging is consumer and child safety. It’s vital, ethical, and legally required for stores to provide tamper-evident containers, childproof caps, tamper-evident caps, child-resistant mylar bags, tamper-evident bottles, child-resistant exit packaging, or tamper-evident bag. Tamper evident packaging alerts the consumer if their purchase has been opened beforehand. As with countless medicines, child-resistant packaging helps ensure that curious little hands can’t get into something that could harm them.

Another consideration is discretion. There are occasions when the smell of marijuana is a non-issue. But, often, consumers would like to be more circumspect. Smell-proof jars are one way to achieve this. They keep your cannabis fresh and lock in the aroma.

Packaging requirements can vary from country to country and state to state. In Canada, retailers sell cannabis in government-approved childproof plastic containers to maximize safety. Tin containers are convenient and durable, but it is hard to completely seal them when they are open to protect the contents from moisture and heat. But, no matter where you purchase your cannabis, it should be packaged to keep it fresh, clean, and safe.

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