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What Are Drams In The Cannabis Industry?

What Are Drams In The Cannabis Industry?

The cannabis industry has its methods of measuring flower and other products. From grams to ounces and even pounds, it can sometimes get confusing to understand the weights and sizes for cannabis. Ounces, for example, are usually used to measure flower, but it’s a commonly used unit for liquids. Still, the cannabis industry used ounces and grams to measure products far before state governments began discussing legalization.

One type of measurement that many cannabis enthusiasts are familiar with is Drams. However, it’s one type of unit that the masses don’t know widely. This type of measurement applies to cannabis packaging more so than flower or any other product. More specifically, cannabis pill bottles. Though drams measure liquids, the cannabis industry uses them to quantify mass. For example, 1 Oz = 16 dram as opposed to 1 fluid oz = 8 fluid dram. Still, some don’t necessarily understand the purpose of drams and how businesses use this unit for cannabis.

What Are Drams?

Drams are a form of measurement used to dictate containers for cannabis products like flower and edibles. A single dram is roughly one-sixteenth of a liquid ounce, per the US Customers System of Measurement. However, you’ll usually see drams attached to products like cannabis vials, among other packaging containers. 

Most cannabis packaging takes its cues from the pharmaceutical industry. Considering how marijuana’s legalization began with medical patients in most places, the cannabis industry and state-wide cannabis regulatory institutions have frequently applied aspects of the pharmaceutical industry to establish the cannabis market. 

What Are Drams Used For In Cannabis?

Drams are a measurement that operators use to measure containers intended for flower and edibles. If you’ve gone to a dispensary and seen containers, like pop-top cannabis pill bottles, the measurement used to determine the size of the packaging is dram. However, the dram itself doesn’t dictate the weight of the cannabis itself. Drams will measure the size of the container. State compliance regulations differ, which means that there are rigid packaging guidelines. Certain states require the use of cannabis pill bottles for the sale of flower, while others need stores to use mylar bags. 

As we’ve established earlier, there’s a substantial difference between measurements for solids and liquids. In terms of cannabis, basic rules determine how much each container can hold in grams and ounces per dram. 

  • 13 Dram = 1 to 2 Grams of cannabis flower. The ideal option for smaller quantities of cannabis. Though not everyone purchases cannabis by the gram, 15-dram containers are ideally suited for sample sizes, small orders, and promotional freebies.
  • 19 Dram = 3.5 to 5 Grams of cannabis flower. The 19 Dram containers are in high demand among cannabis packaging suppliers. Many consumers are purchasing eighths of cannabis at a time, and these are a perfect size for cannabis containers. 
  • 30 Dram = Up to 7 grams of cannabis flower. If you’re purchasing anywhere between a quarter of an ounce to 10 grams of flower, the 30 drams will serve your needs and provide enough space for your buds without cramping and crushing them. 
  • 90 Dram = 28 Grams of cannabis flower. Although not necessarily the most used type of container, 90 dram can carry up to an ounce at a time. 

Why Do I Need To Know About Dram?

Containers in various dram sizes are available across the market to cater to the needs of your business. Usually, these containers are the most effective at providing tamper-evident and child-proof technology. Each cannabis dispensary and operator need to understand the various measurements of weight and sizes in the cannabis industry, especially since it can become complex.

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