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Dab Mat Protection Can Save Your Rig and Rental Deposit

Dab Mat Protection Can Save Your Rig and Rental Deposit - Marijuana Packaging
Dab Mat Protection Can Save Your Rig and Rental Deposit The consumption of concentrates has become the latest craze in the weed world. As dabbing continues to increase in popularity, dab rigs and their accessories are becoming more sophisticated. New ways of making concentrates are coming to light as well as better ways to dab. One accessory that has started to rise in popularity is the dab mat. It may be more common to hear about rigs and the best ones to buy but how you use and store your rig is also a matter of importance. Dab mats are simply mats that go underneath your rig during both use and storage. It is essentially like a coaster for your oil rig that will protect your furniture from the many potential hazards that can occur.

Practical Reasons for Using a Dab Mat

simple dab mat makes difference in protecting rig and home In particular, a dab mat can protect from all kinds of damage including the hot wax and other concentrates and smoking related ingredients that might otherwise damage your furniture. When you are having to manage such potentially messy materials, the dab mat can help to at least create a more aesthetically pleasing space. They come in so many different colors and designs that can allow you to match the aesthetic of your furniture and add to your personal style.

Finding Order through Dab Mats

Dabbing tools can also present themselves to be a problem when dealing with creating a potential mess. They tend to gunk up and mess up the items they touch with their stickiness. On a practical level, the dab mat also helps prevent damage to your expensive rig or glass piece. They prevent friction from disturbing the surface and essentially act as a cushion for your piece. Dab mats also provide you with a kind of dab station for your rig and tools that makes it easy to manage your dabbing needs with style. They can help to keep both your rig and tools cleaner as well as giving you a clear space to use your concentrates.

What to Look for in a Mat

only takes a little marijuana concentrate to make a big mess Dab mats come in a variety of styles and materials to suit each person's individual needs. Some are made of silicone and specifically used for their nonstick surface. For those people who tend to use sticky concentrates that create a mess, this is an excellent choice.  These mats are also very resistant to very hot temperatures which is useful for dabbing. For other people who are more concerned about protecting their glass pieces, there are dab mats that are better designed for cushioning. These are less resistant to stickiness but they will protect your piece well. For people who are very eco-conscious, you can get Mood Mats, which are made from up-cycled scrap rubber. They have a cork like texture, are heat resistant and easy to clean. Dab mats are very useful accessories for dabbing. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs to suit every aesthetic need. They will help protect your furniture from harm and keep your piece protected against potential harm. All in all, these are a nice compliment to your set up and well worth exploring.

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