Marijuana-Packaging-Top-6-Products-2015 With a year that’s produced so many impressive products, trying to narrow down our favorites of 2015 has been an intense experience to say the least. In determining our top 6, we made sure to consider a wide variety of categories from rolling papers all the way to vaporizers. Out of some really stiff competition, these are the 6 products that were the most phenomenal when it came time to help us get into a nice frame of mind.
6.) XXL Royal Blunt Wraps
marijuana-packaging-xxl-blunt-wraps-flavorsFor the times you really want to settle in, take your time, and enjoy your smoke, you can’t beat a blunt. We found XXL Royal Blunt Wraps had enticing flavors, making them some of the best blunt wraps on the market. We also enjoyed the slow burn of the XXL Blunt Wraps because it allowed for a more social, mellow smoking experience. A lot of smokers opt for joints over blunts for economic reasons, but the price is right with XXL Royal Blunt Wraps. With that kind of affordability, we felt these blunt wraps settled nicely into our Top 6 Products of 2015!
5.) Buttonless Vaporizer Pen
marijuana-packaging-best-vape-pen-2015-buttonlessWe know what you’re thinking: there’s no way that a $7.00 vape pen can deliver a quality vaping experience. The truth is that this Buttonless Vaporizer Pen has been consistently flying off our shelves due to a depth of quality it offers for an unbelievably affordable price. This vape pen was designed from rugged, heat-resistant plastic for durability so it’s safe to take with you on the go, a feature that we love in vaporizers. It comes equipped with a USB charger so it’s easy to keep it powered up. Re-loading its replaceable cartridge is intuitive which can be helpful depending on how much you vape. It’s also pretty non-descript in appearance so you can expect discretion if you’re vaping publicly. Combining rock bottom prices with a surprising amount of quality has earned the Buttonless Vaporizer Pen a place of honor in our Top Products 6 Products of 2015. It seems the people agree!
4.) RAW Rolling Papers
marijuana-packaging-raw-rolling-papers-best-2015In the highly competitive market of rolling papers, RAW rolling papers have risen to the challenge time and time again. You can immediately appreciate a joint rolled with RAW rolling papers because the unbleached, ultra-pure, 100% natural paper lets you focus on the flavor of your herb instead. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy that. You can also depend on RAW rolling papers to deliver an even burn so you’re not left with sloppy joints that fall apart. We were really impressed with the ruggedness of these rolling papers. We’re not just talking about style, although we dig the rustic parchment look. We mean that when you roll up with RAW, your joints stay tight even though you can see right through the papers. That kind of quality earns RAW rolling papers a prestigious spot in our Top 6 Products of 2015. We’re extra partial to the 1 ¼” size.
3.) 7.5" Percolator Variety Water Pipe 14mm
marijuana-packaging-water-pipe-perc-best-2015Merging quality, style, and affordability, the 7.5” Percolator Variety Water Pipe is an easy choice for our Best of 2015. There’s actually a mini perc in this glass pipe that makes the whole experience silky smooth while filtering out nasty ash and debris. We stock a lot of items that come in different colors, but it’s as if this water pipe comes in different personalities. But no matter what style you choose, each is punctuated with a clear mid-section that adds a bit of sleek style to the mix. It’s also the perfect height for a comfortable, at-home water pipe at 7.5”.
2.) RAW Pre-Rolled Cones
marijuana-packaging-raw-prerolled-cones-best-2015There’s nothing wrong with making your life a little easier and that’s what the “rolling-challenged” of us love so much about the RAW Pre-Rolled Cones. We already sang the praises of RAW above but we’re going to do it again, because the RAW Cones deserve that kind of re-emphasis. As with their rolling papers, RAW keep their pre-rolled cones natural so you’re not puffing on bleached paper. If you want to enjoy a joint but don’t have time for the drawn out rolling process, Raw Pre-Rolled Cones take out the hardest part, giving you a great foundation for a tight joint while offering structural support. That kind of reinforcement makes these cones a lifesaver, even if you’re using a rolling machine (and, yes, the cones are rolling machine-compatible).
1.) 6" Mini Nectar Collector 10mm
marijuana-packaging-best-nectar-collector-2015Nectar collectors really blew up in 2015 but we expected as much with dabbing gaining more popularity. This particular nectar collector is a best seller partially because of the growing interest in dabbing but also because it’s so adept at raising medical concentrates to their optimum potential. We particularly like the amount of control this nectar collector allows, regulating vaping intake like a boss. Anyone who’s taken too big a hit from a dab knows how useful it is to be able to regulate your intake. Not only does this nectar collector make sure you keep your head on as much as you want, it also keeps you from wasting your concentrates with excessive hits. This is actually a full nectar collector kit, hooking you up with everything you need to improve your dabbing experience. In addition to the actual nectar collector, you get a stylish personal glass dish for your wax and a rugged titanium nail.
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