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Marijuana Packaging’s Most Wanted Smoking Accessories For 2016

Marijuana Packaging’s Most Wanted Smoking Accessories For 2016 - Marijuana Packaging
smoking-accessories All in all, it was a roller coaster of a ride for marijuana in the states as a whole last year, with progress however, finally outweighing setback. As newly legalized states emerged and reform initiatives were enacted, Congress made the bold move towards the end of the year, of finally putting its foot down against the misdirected oppression of medical marijuana dispensaries and their patients. Now, with medical marijuana at least, finally out of the cross-hairs of the DEA, dispensaries, head shops, patients, and patrons alike can marvel at a host of new smoking accessories to include on stock room shelves and display cases, ranging from high end rolling papers to innovative design changes in their typical weed pipes.

Gas Mask Water Pipe

gas-mask-bong Although when looking at the numbers, the 7.5” inch percolator variety pipe with a 14mm sized glass nail was a favorite among our wholesale glass pipes selections in 2015, this year’s water pipes take it up a notch. Thought of mostly as a novelty pipe among aficionados who love cheap water pipes, the gas mask water pipe is an essential selection for any head shop or smoke shop wanting to stay ahead of the curve of their demographic. With an adjustable mask and head straps, mimicking a character from your favorite post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie when worn, it’s hard NOT to see why this water pipe continues to be a favorite in the marijuana industry, especially amongst the younger yet legal tokers.

PAX 2 Portable Vaporizer

pax-2-vaporizer With New Year’s resolutions still looming close to heart, why not start the year off on the right foot with an investment toward well-being? Although not the cheapest marijuana vape, the Pax 2 herbal vaporizer will promptly diminish the unwanted toxins and chemicals associated with combustion from your vape session in a matter of seconds, allowing you to save your lungs for that beginning of the year tread mill ride, at the gym that you used to go to. Gym jokes aside, the Pax 2 vape is a state of the art herbal vaporizing machine, intelligently re-designed to fit more herb in its heating chamber than its predecessor, and burn more evenly, thanks to its innovative lip sensing technology and LED light indicating system, made to work in tandem.

SHINE 24K Cone - King Size

shine-24k-gold-cones "All that shines is rolled." Up until a few years ago, those of us who couldn’t roll a proper “jay” from rolling papers were laughed at and thrown into the dreaded category of “rolling impaired” by our supposed friends who may have thought we were “challenged” in one way or another. To make up for this disparaging aspect of stoner life, affecting so many across the world, Danks, Wiz Khalifa, and for the most part, RAW pre rolled cones started being displayed in marijuana dispensaries and head shops to help those who simply couldn’t help themselves when it came to rolling the perfect “jay.” Although Raw pre rolled cones and Raw rolling papers have certainly cornered the smoking accessories market in terms of them being the favorite among consumers in 2015, budding contenders promising to take consumers to “luxurious heights” have been hitting the market, such as SHINE 24K gold cones. Although trailing RAW cones in cost effectiveness, SHINE 24K gold king size cones certainly make connoisseurs feel like they have the Midas touch when indulging in its metallic gold properties. Handmade from a proprietary combination of hemp based paper and 24K edible gold, SHINE 24K gold cones are slowly becoming the pinnacle of luxury brand pre rolled cones, ideal for dispensaries and smoke shops wanting to stock up on featured items, or connoisseurs wanting to enhance their smoke sessions with a hint of brilliance in their smoking accessories.

Cereal Box Dab Rigs

cereal-box-dab-rigs Dabbing really started coming onto the scene in the last few years of the High Times Cannabis Cup where concentrate consumption slowly began rivaling flowers and buds. Today, the once distant sub-genre of the marijuana industry, has blossomed into its billion-dollar brother, fully equipped with a plethora of complimentary vaporizing/smoking accessories. With our smaller, more cost effective dab rigs taking precedent among our customer base last year, this year’s selection boasts a wide range of options to consider, most notably from our cereal box dab rig selections. Made from an orchestrated combination of red and yellow colored borosilicate glass, and each featured with its own distinct character, reminiscent of your favorite past time cereal box, these dab rigs are a must have for head shop display shelves. Each rig comes fully equipped with its own 14mm sized ceramic nail as well as an extended mouthpiece, giving customers the added benefit of enjoying their wake and bake sessions from a safe distance.

Star Wars Wooden Pipes

star-wars-wooden-pipe Just in time for the Force Awakens, Star Wars wooden pipes are definitely a crowd pleaser, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan that can appreciate a trip to the Dank Side. Each of these specialized pipes was handcrafted from Peruvian wood and feature a unique selection of your favorite Star Wars characters, ranging from your Smoking Yoda pipe to the Rasta Vader wooden pipe. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and originality of these pipes, most of which, can fit easily in the palm of your hand, perfect for that discreet toke in the Star Cruiser right before your first screening of the new installment. Just don’t say we told you so.

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