New Product Arrival Rundown: Solvent Extraction Aids, Pit Bull Bongs and More

New Product Arrival Rundown: Solvent Extraction Aids, Pit Bull Bongs and More - Marijuana Packaging

As we enter the autumn, we’ve been receiving a massive wave of new products for both our online smokeshop and dispensary supplies wholesale collections. There are plenty more on the horizon but here’s a quick roundup of some of our new releases that are currently available.

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Solvents, Adsorbents, and Other Chemical Aids for Cannabis Extraction

There’s no denying the massive role extracts and concentrates play in the growth and continued success of the cannabis industry. We’re excited to add to our online shop a wide range of solvents, adsorbents, and other chemicals integral to a vast variety of cannabis extraction processes. Need a specific solvent? Bleaching clay for depigmentation? Agents for winterization? We’ve got everything you need for your preferred extraction method with the high quality your product demands. These chemicals are manufactured by Carbon Chemistry, a Colorado-based company who specializes in chemicals and accessories for solvent extraction.

Pinch N Slide Mylar Bags Just Got a Lot Cooler

If you live in a state that has legalized cannabis, you know how integral the Pinch N Slide has become to an industry where state compliance is crucial to progress. Until now, these resealable child resistant bags have only come in a pristine white color. Now, just in time for Halloween, we’re proud to present our latest additions to the Pinch N Slide product line: sleek, sexy, glossy black Pinch N Slide mylar bags. All of the features that made the original Pinch N Slide a favorite for dispensary packaging are still there: child resistant, opaque, resealable, customizable, odor proof bags. But just look at these things! More proof that everything looks better in black. Plus, depending on the sizes you choose, the larger ones can function as exit bags for flower jars or silicone dab containers.

Pit Bull Bongs: Get a Grip and Don’t Let Go

And where would we be without some new bongs in the mix? We’ve got a ton of new designs from Pit Bull, a company who impressed us with the high quality and character of their water pipe designs. Whether you want a simple glass beaker bong or an intricate water pipe with built-in percs, these Pit Bull glass bong designs cover the full spectrum. Pretty much all diffusion styles are represented, from honeycomb perc models to pieces with complex tree percs. We got a small army of these Pit Bull pipes, so you'll be seeing more models added on an almost daily basis.

Think Outside the Box (But in the Cube)

Dispensaries almost exclusively carry rounded glass storage jars but these square cannabis jars offer a heightened stability. There’s no chance of a square marijuana glass jar rolling off the tabletop or shelf. But beyond utility, they just look cool. These airtight jars are made of high quality, clear glass with metallic screw caps so they’re ideal for dispensary displays.

Get Happy. Stay Happy.

Portability and discretion are integral when bringing your stash with you on the go and that’s where these Happy Kits shine. Each kit gives you a variety of essentials and accessories to make your traveling 420 sessions comfortable and easy. We’ve got kits geared towards dabbing as well as smoking, all housed within a protective odor resistant case. These are basically 420 starter kits, giving you a place to securely store your stash while also hooking you up with the smoking accessories you need depending on which kit you choose. Kits include everything from a nectar collector and silicone dab containers to a hand pipe and rolling papers. Heading home for the holidays this year? Then a Happy Kit may be essential for your sanity.

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