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Water Pipe Review: There's Something Fishy About This Pipe

Water Pipe Review: There's Something Fishy About This Pipe - Marijuana Packaging
fish-water-pipe-review The first thing I noticed about this water pipe was the intense packaging that it came wrapped in. Once I was able to tear through the multi-layered bubble wrap however; I was pleasantly surprised to see a spotless, clear glass water pipe, fused with a yellow highlights, and a red fish featured in the bottom chamber.

The Percolation Factor

I assumed the red fish was just for decoration, but on further inspection, I realized it was a craftily designed percolator made to assist in filtering smoke once inhaled, and I was pretty excited to try it out. Besides the fish percolator in the bottom chamber, the water pipe also has a bell percolator in the top chamber, adding even more filtration to the experience overall.

Filling With Water and Cleaning

Before filling this piece, I noticed that water needed to be applied not only to the bottom percolator, by way of the opening where the bowl is placed, but also at the mouthpiece, in order to make sure that the bell percolator had enough water to filter smoke as well. [embed][/embed] It's also good to note, that this water pipe is best cleaned by adding water and 420 cleaner to the bottom percolator, where the fish is located, instead of adding it to the mouthpiece, where the bell percolator is, to ensure that ash and other residue doesn't make it's way to the top percolator (the bell perc in the top chamber), which can be much more difficult to clean.

The Hit

Once filled with water, I packed the fish themed bowl with the goods and let er' rip! Unlike other water pipes that I've tried in the past, this particular piece had a smooth and easy draw. Despite my self-proclaimed title as a water pipe connoisseur, my lungs are pretty charred from experience, and I was delighted to find that this water pipe can be enjoyed without inhaling that hard. The piece literally does the work for you, due mostly to it's built in percs, which are a definite plus.

Overall Score/ Recommendations

Overall Score: 4.65/5 Functionality: 4/5 Craftsmanship: 5/5 Aesthetics: 5/5 As far as the water pipe goes overall, the only thing I would recommend is adding an ice-catcher to the mouthpiece to make the hits even smoother and cooler upon inhaling. This is obviously a piece heavily based on aesthetics and craftsmanship, so I wasn't too hard on the overall design for not having it, but maybe it's something to keep in mind for a follow up model. Other than the piece not having an ice-catcher, I found no other faults in it, and gave it an overall score of 4.65/5. Nemo has been found!  

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