Florida’s High Court Shoots Down Second Attempt At Legalizing Cannabis

Florida’s High Court Shoots Down Second Attempt At Legalizing Cannabis - Marijuana Packaging

Most states are finally catching up with the long-overdue need for cannabis legalization. And with pandemic regulations being lifted, most people are just trying to enjoy the sweet terpenes of their favorite strain in the summer sun. Ironically, it’s the high court in the Sunshine State that is preventing citizens from doing that legally.

The Florida Supreme Court was not receptive to a proposed initiative to make cannabis available for recreational use on the state’s 2022 ballot. The court ruled 5-2, calling the measure “misleading.” Their action bans the possibility of even voting on the matter. Sensible Florida, the activist group that introduced this initiative, gathered roughly 30K signatures in support of adding the initiative to the ballot. Florida requires exactly 891,589 signatures to make the ballot.

It’s a massive loss for the cannabis industry at large that comes after another measure was proposed. In April, the Florida Supreme Court ruled against a motion that would’ve played the initiative on the state’s 2022 ballots. Make It Legal was creating that measure at the time and procured even more signatures than Sensible Florida with nearly half a million.

Both of these losses mean that cannabis activists would have to head back to the drawing board in order to bring the topic of adult-use recreational cannabis to Florida’s high court in time for next year’s ballot. On both occasions, the Florida Supreme Court believed these motions to be “misleading” because it didn’t provide any discretion to residents that cannabis would continue to be illegal on a federal level, even if the motion got to the 2022 ballot.

The legalization of cannabis is gaining steam across the states, but even with its federal decriminalization at a standstill, Florida is still falling behind on the potential economic boom it could gain during the “Green Rush.”

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