Marijuana Dispensary Harvest Opens Its Eleventh Store In Miami

Marijuana Dispensary Harvest Opens Its Eleventh Store In Miami - Marijuana Packaging

Arizona-based dispensary Harvest Health & Recreation Inc.(“Harvest”), a vertically integrated company and multi-state functioning operator announced the opening of its eleventh store in South Miami Beach, Florida. Their new store is located at 1011 5th St, South Miami Beach, and is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. This is a new hotspot for cannabis smokers to get unique strains to pack their bubblers with.

Harvest has a myriad of different Florida locations including, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, Lehigh Acres, Longwood, North Miami Beach, North Port, Olympia Heights, Tallahassee, and West Palm Beach. Since 2011, Harvest has committed to expanding its retail and wholesale presence throughout the U.S., acquiring, manufacturing, and selling cannabis products for patients and consumers in addition to providing services to retail dispensaries. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Steve White gave a statement saying, “We are thrilled to open our eleventh Harvest location in Florida, one of the fastest-growing medical markets in the U.S.”

He concluded: “We look forward to serving patients and providing quality products at this new location in one of our core markets.” Harvest’s operational footprint spans a multitude of states in the U.S. Their mission is to improve lives through the benefits of cannabis. This business move greatly expands their operational footprint, and it allows them to reach customers and patients all over the state.

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