Weed Is Coming to Circle K Gas Stations in The US Next Year

Weed Is Coming to Circle K Gas Stations in The US Next Year - Marijuana Packaging

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, licensed cannabis will soon be available at Circle K gas stations in the United States. Green Thumb Industries Inc, one of the largest marijuana producers in America, has struck a deal with Circle K to sell licensed weed at its Florida gasoline retail locations. 

As per the report, Circle K, a large convenience store and gas station chain, will begin retailing weed in 10 of the company’s 600 locations within the state next year. This deal is the first of its kind as federal prohibition limits where weed can be sold in most parts of the United States. 

This deal is very strategic, considering that many Americans shop for age-restricted substances like tobacco and alcohol in gas stations. They are also common stopovers for people who need a quick refreshment or snack. 

Some gas stations have already ventured into cannabis, selling items like vape pens and hemp-derived CBD products. Consequently, this goes a long way in making weed more mainstream, a significant factor in the battle for federal reforms. 

Ben Kovler, the CEO of Green Thumb Industries Inc, explained that this move would normalize cannabis since it would be integrated with regular consumer products. Additionally, the partnership is happening when more states and jurisdictions are legalizing cannabis

Essentially, Green Thumb will lease space from Circle K locations for retailing cannabis. The establishments will be known as RISE Express stores and have a separate entrance from the gas station. However, purchases from these outlets will be restricted to residents with medical marijuana cards since recreational weed is not yet legal in the state.

Fire & Flower Holdings Corp, a top cannabis retailer in Canada, has a similar deal with Circle K that involves opening stores within their locations. A representative of Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc, which owns Circle K, said that Fire & Flower is their strategic partner in cannabis activities within Canada. He further stated that the company hopes to achieve the same cohesion and success in its new deal with Green Thumb. 

The deal between Circle K and Green Thumb is a significant leap in the fight against the federal prohibition of cannabis. Analysts believe the partnership will help propel the industry forward.

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