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Georgians Finally Able To Purchase Medical-Use Low-THC Oil

Georgians Finally Able To Purchase Medical-Use Low-THC Oil - Marijuana Packaging

Help is on the way for Georgia residents seeking medical cannabis products.

Six companies have been chosen to produce low-THC medical cannabis oil for the state’s medical cannabis program. The oil will be sold at licensed dispensaries or specially licensed pharmacies to patients.

This is good news for Georgians enrolled in the medical cannabis program who had been allowed possession of low-THC oil but had nowhere in the state to purchase it. The remaining option was to break the law by crossing state lines with the oils.

Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission reviewed the industry applications and chose the winners.

“Because of the dedication and hard work of the commission, we have been able to stay focused on getting the work done while always keeping patients’ needs as a top priority,” said Danielle Benson, vice-chair of the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission.

Trulieve GA Inc. and Biomedical Sciences LLC were awarded the two Class 1 licenses, while FFD GA Holdings, TheraTrue Georgia, Natures GA, and Treevana Remedy were selected for the Class 2 licenses.

The Class 1 licenses allow licensees to grow cannabis in up to 100,000 square feet of growing space. Class 2 licensees are allowed to cultivate in up to 50,000 square feet. 

Georgia legalized medical cannabis oil containing up to 5% THC in 2015. The license designations were created four years later under a 2019 law.

The commission has estimated that it will take six to eight months for the companies to get operational and make the oil available to the state’s registered patients.

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