Agnetix Announces the PHENOM, An Innovative Lighting System for Cannabis

Agnetix Announces the PHENOM, An Innovative Lighting System for Cannabis

Horticulture lighting system manufacturer Agnetix announced a new innovative plant cultivation lighting system called PHENOM that is scheduled to be available in the near future for growers. 

“Phenom is the next level of sustainable cultivation for high density controlled environment agriculture. It’s the ultimate high-efficiency data-driven solution for serious commercial growers, and a game-changing competitive advantage for our customers,” Agnetic Chief Executive Officer Jordan Miles stated in the press release from the company.

There are a lot of factors that are essential in growing marijuana and other greens. Growers need to keep track of all of the following things:

  • Monitor plant health
  • Track plant growth
  • Evaluate ambient light
  • Manage costs associated with growing
  • Maintain ideal humidity levels 

The Agnetix PHENOM can perform the tasks above efficiently. According to the press release from Agnetix, the PHENOM “integrates plant sensors and a canopy imaging platform with the patented Agnetic liquid-cooled hydronics system.” The sensors help measure changes in temperature, light, and leaf growth. 

Traditional lighting sources such as HPS (high-pressure sodium vapor) and LED lighting can provide lighting that aids cannabis growth. The issue with those light sources is that they require high-powered ventilating and cooling for the wasted heat trapped in the growing room. 

Cooling down excessive heat requires a lot of energy which is not cheap and can increase operating costs for a company. Instead of relying on multiple giant cooling systems, Agnetix growing technology uses a water-cooled system. Water flows into the lighting systems and captures wasted heat. The hot water then flows outside, where the extra heat can be reused as hot water or hot air in the building.

The vertical grow lighting system is designed to have different levels of photosynthetic light measurements known as Daily Light Integral (DLI). The additional light levels allow for better-controlled growing environments for products such as lettuce, cucumbers, strawberries, and tomatoes. Growers can also switch between full-spectrum or greenhouse lighting. 

The PHENOM will also be compatible with Agnetix’s other technology, such as the HARMONY and HMI. The HARMONY from Agnetix helps track data on temperature, humidity, CO2, and moisture levels. The Agnetix Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the control center where growers can see the data provided from PHENOM and the HARMONY. 

Agnetix is not the only manufacturer coming up with more efficient ways to grow cannabis. BioHarvest Sciences came up with a technology they call Bio-Tricho-Bubbles that can reduce the amount of time in traditional growth cycles. Growers have also been experimenting with different lighting techniques to supplement cannabis growth.

The advanced growing methods mean consumers will spark up joint papers with more freshly grown cannabis.  

Although not yet available, people can place pre-orders for a PHENOM growing system through Agnetix. 

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