High Times Introduces Its First-Ever Vape Cartridges In Several Delicious Flavors

High Times Introduces Its First-Ever Vape Cartridges In Several Delicious Flavors

Smoking is the most common method of cannabis consumption but we’re witnessing technology’s takeover. Concerns over carcinogenic attributes of smoking have certainly altered a few people’s methods of getting high. Thankfully, the rise of vaporizing serves as a perfect substitute. You can still pack RAW Cones to the brim with the most potent cannabis you can find but it might be a little bit more convenient if you’re rolling around with a vape cart.

One of the most prestigious cannabis companies has now joined the market for vapes. High Times just announced that they’ve launched their first-ever vapes in two different lines. High Times Black Label and High Times Red Label provide excellence in vaporized concentrates with two different price points to cater to smokers of all economic backgrounds. The launch is in collaboration with Red, White, & Bloom.

Currently available in 22 dispensaries across Michigan, the exciting new launch comes with 1 gram cartridges. The Black Label vape is a high-end toke filled with the best live-resin focused on providing perfectly intact terpene flavors to absorb. Meanwhile, the Red Label distillate vapes come with a potent concentrate that’s price-friendly.

“With the ease of our portable vapes, Michigan can sit back, relax and enjoy the High,” said Hightimes Holding Corp. CEO Peter Horvath of the launch. “Catering to both new consumers and the life-long evangelists, our Black and Red labels were designed to offer the best the cannabis landscape has to offer at an affordable price. At High Times we believe everyone deserves access to the best cannabis products to improve their health, wellness, and quality of life.”

High Times Red Label vape has four different options to choose from including Morning Mimosa, Sour Strawberry, Original Chem, and Fire Cookie. The Black Label comes with Indica-heavy choices from Super Lemon Haze, LA Kush Cake, and Animal mints.

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