Epilepsy Patients Who Use “Artisanal CBD” Have Better Quality of Life: Study

Epilepsy Patients Who Use “Artisanal CBD” Have Better Quality of Life: Study - Marijuana Packaging

Numerous studies have determined the medicinal benefits of cannabis, especially among terminally ill patients. However, with more research, there’s better insight on how cannabinoids can help treat a variety of ailments.

A study published in Epilepsy & Behavior has found some promising signs surrounding the use of CBD and patients with epilepsy. The study revealed that patients who use nonprescription CBD products reported better quality of life and better sleep in comparison to those who don’t consume cannabinoid products. Even if pain management didn’t shift between the two groups, CBD users reported greater health satisfaction. Additionally, the CBD users were found to have a lower risk of calling into work sick or going to the emergency room.

“Generally, higher quality of life, lower psychiatric symptom scores, and improved sleep were observed among people using an artisanal CBD product based on both cross-sectional and longitudinal comparisons,” the study reads. “Artisanal CBD Users reported significantly better epilepsy medication tolerability, a lower odds of prescription medication use and traditional anticonvulsant use, and reduced healthcare utilization compared with Controls.”

The use of CBD among these patients found that there was an improvement in reactions to epilepsy medication and many of them required less prescription medication. Additionally, there was a reduction in psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety among patients with epilepsy that used CBD products. CBD users did report fewer seizures. However, there wasn’t a noticeable difference in seizure control between those who do use CBD and those who don’t. “Both groups included a high number of individuals with no past month seizures,” the study stated.

The study included surveys among 280 epilepsy patients who used “artisanal CBD products” (largely purchased from health stores) and 138 patients who didn’t use any cannabinoids. 

“Although the lack of a placebo control group precludes determination of efficacy, the consistent observation of clinically meaningful differences between groups at baseline and with Controls who initiated artisanal CBD product use over time suggests that use of these products can improve health and quality of life for patients with epilepsy,” the study concluded.

CBD products have proven to have some incredible properties known for treating an array of illnesses and ailments. Often sold in tincture bottles, CBD is a cannabinoid that gives consumers the benefits of cannabis without the high associated with THC. The recent study published by Epilepsy & Behavior is proof that there’s more work to be done in order to better serve those affected by epilepsy.

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