Everything You Need to Know about Hemp Wraps

Everything You Need to Know about Hemp Wraps - Marijuana Packaging

Hemp wraps have slowly become a favorite among cannabis lovers since they started gaining popularity in 2017. Given that many tokers prefer the traditional experience of grinding marijuana and rolling it into joints or blunts, hemp wraps are becoming a staple in the cannabis industry. They provide an excellent alternative to ordinary tobacco-based blunt wraps. 

Although tobacco blunt wraps may seem ideal to many who use them, there’s no denying that they don’t provide the safest approach. Tobacco-based blunt wraps usually release toxic chemicals when burnt.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and more states push for legalization, many are at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals like nicotine. For this reason, many cannabis consumers are opting for healthier alternatives. That’s where hemp wraps for weed come in. 

What are Hemp Wraps?

Essentially, hemp wraps are flat, thin sheets of paper made from hemp. You can think of them as tobacco free blunt wraps. 

Hemp wraps were introduced as a safer alternative to cigar and tobacco wraps. When comparing hemp wraps vs tobacco wraps, the former allows smokers to enjoy their favorite herbs without facing any smoke-related issues. Some companies even go further to make flavored wraps, thus enhancing the overall smoking experience. 

Are Hemp Wraps Safe For Smoking?

One question that has sparked heated debate among marijuana enthusiasts is: are hemp wraps better than cigars?

Yes, many tokers nowadays gravitate towards healthy rolling papers to avert the dangers that come with using some smoking accessories. The truth is, inhaling foreign substances can harm your health, especially for people with respiratory problems. 

So, are hemp wraps healthier than blunts? Well, toxic chemicals like nicotine found in tobacco-based blunt wraps can cause serious health complications. However, hemp wraps are free of harmful chemicals. For this reason, they are much healthier than tobacco blunt wraps.

Other commonly asked questions in the cannabis community include; are hemp wraps unhealthy, and whether hemp wraps cause cancer. Here’s what you need to know. Hemp wraps are 100 percent organic. They also lack any toxic ingredients and don’t contain any dangerous adhesives common with tobacco blunt wraps. Therefore, they are far better than their alternatives. 

How Are Hemp Wraps Made?

While some tokers prefer using smoking pipes, glass bongs, and other smoking accessories to consume cannabis, there’s no denying that the vast majority still gravitate towards rolling joints and blunts. Hemp wraps are, by far, the best option for making blunts. The secret lies in their simple yet effective manufacturing process. Here’s a rundown on how to make hemp wraps to help you understand why they are a preferred option for rolling cannabis.

Basically, hemp wraps are made like traditional papers. This method involves processing plant fibers into a thick mushy paste, drying it, and putting it under immense pressure to form thin sheets. Although it takes a ton of machinery to produce hemp wraps, it’s still possible to make them at home, albeit through a relatively taxing process.

How to Use Hemp Wraps

Using hemp wraps is similar to using your favorite flavored joint papers. While some people may claim that the lack of an adhesive makes it cumbersome to roll and keep your blunts closed, there are many ways to utilize them effectively. Here’s a guide on how to use hemp wraps to help make the process easier.

Step One: Gather your hemp wrap, herbs, and grinder.

Step Two: Grind your marijuana and prepare the nicotine free blunt wraps by making a crease in the middle to hold the herbs.

Step Three: Open the hemp wrap and place a filter tip on the crease.

Step Four: Keep the filter tip in place and insert the ground-up flower in the fold of the wrap.

Step Five: Spread the cannabis evenly and roll the wrap around it and filter tip

Step Six: Seal the hemp wrap by licking the end of the wrap. Similarly, you could use a natural adhesive like a sugar-based paste to keep the hemp wraps closed.

Step Seven: Light up and enjoy! 

Bottom Line

With all the advantages that hemp wraps have over cigar and tobacco-laced blunt wraps, there’s no denying that they are a superior, healthier choice.

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I use twisted hemp wraps and my biggest problem is keeping them sealed once I have rolled a blunt. What the secret for keeping them closed. I licked and licked them and still they come apart.

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