HIV Patients Who Use Cannabis Daily Have Lower Levels Of Neuroinflammation: Study

HIV Patients Who Use Cannabis Daily Have Lower Levels Of Neuroinflammation: Study - Marijuana Packaging

Scientists have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the medicinal properties of cannabis. Prohibition has played a significant role in impeding research on the plant and how it could benefit patients with extreme illnesses. Whether from CBD or THC, both contain some incredible properties that have been able to help terminally ill patients.

A new study published in the ​​Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society revealed some promising discoveries for HIV-positive patients. The research found a correlation between HIV-positive patients who use cannabis daily and lower inflammation levels. The study shows that HIV-positive patients who habitually use cannabis had lower levels of neuroinflammation in comparison to HIV-positive patients who didn’t use cannabis. The most promising sign of the study is that the HIV-positive patients who regularly use cannabis had neuroinflammation rates similar to HIV-negative subjects.

“Taken together, findings are consistent with the notion that cannabinoids may modulate inflammatory processes in PWH [patients with HIV], specifically in the CNS, and suggest a link between lower CNS inflammation and better neurocognitive function,” the study reads. “Future studies in PWH are needed to investigate potential distinct effects of specific cannabinoids, and adult medicinal use, on brain structure and function.”

There were 263 subjects in this study. Among the candidates involved were HIV-negative patients, both who use and don’t use cannabis. Similarly, there were a group of subjects that were HIV-positive that either smoked cannabis daily or didn’t use it at all.

It’s a promising sign for HIV patients as more states legalize cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. There have been a few other studies in recent years that have shown similar results between HIV patients who use cannabis and a reduction in inflammation. A 2020 study published by Neurology, Neuroimmunology, and Neuroinflammation journal found an association between cannabis users with HIV and a reduction in neuroinflammatory markers cerebrospinal fluid, and blood.

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