Tons Of Weed Products Recalled Due To Salmonella & Mold In Arizona

Tons Of Weed Products Recalled Due To Salmonella & Mold In Arizona - Marijuana Packaging

Many cannabis consumers enjoy the medicinal plant because it makes them feel better, but a select group of customers may be feeling the opposite. Cannabis dispensaries in Arizona are voluntarily recalling several marijuana products due to possible salmonella or aspergillus contamination. As of today (June 24), no illnesses connected to the potential contamination have been reported.

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) put out a warning for cannabis consumers, urging them to get rid of a list of weed products, which are listed in the chart below. These products were found to have Salmonella or Aspergillus after positive lab tests.

Brand Name Product Name Batch Number Product Type Implicated Contaminant
Harvest Platinum 14g Pre Pack Indica Flower (Glazed Apricot Gelato) CVGH210406HB Plant, Trim Salmonella
Harvest Platinum 14g Pre Pack Sativa Flower (Tiger Haze) CVGH210406HM (L) Plant, Trim Aspergillus
Modern Flower 3.5g Pre Pack Indica Flower (Orange Acai) CVGH2104210HI Plant, Flower – Cured, Greenhouse Aspergillus sp.
Sol Flower Dispensaries and Establishments Tahiti Lime 0121TILM.33.WT Plant, Flower – Cured Aspergillus sp.
EHF (Elephant Head Farms) HAT Trick #17 Flower 030821F1H12 Plant, Flower – Cured Salmonella
Mohave Cannabis Preroll LAB #454 PR Plant, Preroll, Indoor Salmonella
Tru Infusion Flower Caked Up Cherries 0326R12CUC Plant, Flower – Cured indoor Aspergillus sp.
The Pharm Chemistry #1 (HD 3/24/21) Chemistry #1 1 B15B.R1-10 Plant, Flower – Cured, Greenhouse Aspergillus sp

An ADHS laboratory audit discovered the contamination during a routine inspection of an independent third-party lab. Their tests revealed some marijuana products that tested positive for Salmonella or Aspergillus were sent to dispensaries erroneously identified as “safe from contamination.”

Cannabis consumers should not inhale or ingest the products that are flagged for possible contamination. If you believe you have already come into contact with contaminated cannabis products, contact your physician or reach out to emergency care if necessary.

All the dispensaries involved took action immediately after being notified by the ADHS to halt the sale of any of the suspected items. The items in question were then disposed of. Cannabis consumers with concerns are encouraged to contact the dispensary they purchased products from.

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