Weed And Sex: A Look into Cannabis's Surprising Effects

Weed And Sex: A Look into Cannabis's Surprising Effects - Marijuana Packaging

Some things just go together! When it comes to iconic duos it is hard to picture one without the other. Just think, Gin and Tonic, Cookies and Cream, Weed and Sex, mmhmm that’s right!  Recent research and questionnaires have provided anecdotal evidence behind the enhanced enjoyment of the sexual experience post smoke sesh. As it turns out, marijuana and sex is a turn on! Most cannabis consumers and even those less familiar have heard the hype revolving around weed’s positive health benefits mentally and physically, but little has been said about cannabis’s benefits in the bedroom. To set the story straight let’s “get down and dirty” and take a look at what makes THC and sex such a killer combination.

Does Weed Make You Horny: Marijuana Mind Games 

It is no shocker, that the mind can play a huge role in sexual satisfaction and at times dissatisfaction. Considering that THC lowers inhibitions and enhances the senses it would be right to assume there will be possible positive effects of cannabis on libido. Julie Holland writes in Good Chemistry: The Science of Connection from Soul to Psychedelics that,  

“For some people, cannabis can help them get in touch with their body, become more attentive to their physical sensations, and therefore, they’re aroused and able to feel more sensual.” 

In other words, the calming effect cannabis can have on the mind can decrease the anxiety and distractions some people might feel during sexual encounters and draw focus to a more sensational sexual experience. That said, does marijuana make you horny? Well, it can alleviate symptoms that inhibit desire and leave more room in your mind for pleasure, exploration, and creativity. Eventually, you will cum to find that joint papers, weed, and orgasms are perhaps a rather healthy routine worth capitalizing on. 

Is Weed Good For Sex: Does Weed Increase Sex Drive? 

The scientific backing behind sex on weed is limited due to little funding and research, but recent surveys and studies have been put into place to uncover the truth behind pot and sex. A recent survey published in the national library of medicine analyzed results from 216 questionnaires completed by people that have experience engaging in sex with marijuana. Studies show, “Of 202 participants, 119 (58.9%) said cannabis increased their desire for sex, 149 of the 202 participants (73.8%) reported increased sexual satisfaction, and 132 of 201 participants (65.7%) reported an increased intensity of orgasms.” 

It is safe to assume that factors such as intense orgasms and increased sexual satisfaction pathed the way to the patients wanting and desire for more sex, but further research needs to be made to capitalize on that claim. Earlier findings provided us with insight and answers to the curious question: does weed make sex better? According to this study and the anecdotal framework provided it can be concluded that in many ways sex for weed makes a promising match. It should be noted that, these findings were somewhat skewed between genders, dosage, and methods of consumption. That said, what is best for you might not always be what is best for your partner when it comes to cannabis-enhanced intimacy.

For example, though researchers determined that more frequent consumption was associated with lower rates of sexual dysfunction, the overuse of marijuana for erectile dysfunction could be counterproductive. In other words, to put things into perspective, marijuana and viagra could have similar effects in small doses, but it is important to not use either in excessive amounts when trying to increase male performance. 

Can Weed Make You Last Longer? 

Cannabis has proven to alleviate symptoms such as sleeplessness, pain, and anxiety, which could naturally enhance your overall sexual experience and encounters in the bedroom. Similarly, THC can also alter the perception of time which may prolong the feelings of sexual pleasure. Time can become somewhat irrelevant giving you the chance to focus more on the “here and now”. The Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates trends of increased sexual frequency, sex drive, and orgasm intensity with marijuana use, but not sure-fire evidence that weed makes you last longer in bed. 

Let us use sex on edibles as an example. This method of consumption will give you the increased body high and sensitivity to touch that you are looking for, but to answer the question: do edibles make you last longer in bed? Science suggests no, while anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise. Considering the fact that edibles take longer to kick in than other methods of consumption it is said to start slow and find your sweet spot. Keep an eye out for sexy cannabis packaging and the THC percentages in edibles and start experimenting with what works best for both you and your partner. 

Bottom line: Why Do I Get Turned On When I’m High?

Recent studies show that cannabis helps heighten sensitivity to touch, intensifies feelings and orgasms, and helps patients relax which can enhance your overall sexual experience. Though some factors may contribute to the skewed findings of recent research such as dosage, gender, and methods of consumption there are many positive effects between sex and weed that can’t go unnoticed. The anecdotal evidence speaks volumes about the beneficial effect cannabis consumption can have on sexual pleasure so the bottom line is, you should simply grab your cutest bong, take a rip, and figure that out for yourself <3. 

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Weed And Sex: A Look into Cannabis&#8217;s Surprising Effects - Marijuana Packaging
Weed And Sex: A Look into Cannabis&#8217;s Surprising Effects - Marijuana Packaging

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