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What Is Green Out?

What Is Green Out? - Marijuana Packaging

One of the many benefits of cannabis is that it’s relatively safe compared to other substances available. Many cannabis advocates emphasized that it doesn’t provide the same harm as alcohol or the same effects. Alcohol can bring out the worst in people, whether that’s quickly becoming sick or triggering violent tendencies. Though this might not be the case for everyone, a significant number of people prefer to stay mellow from grass than experience the inebriating effects of cannabis.

Though it’s possible to over consume cannabis, no studies provide concrete evidence that you can overdose. However, some symptoms can occur if you overindulge. Greening out is a cultural phenomenon that many have experienced after ingesting too much marijuana. In a sense, it’s comparable to blacking out from alcohol- the body rejecting the substances introduced to the system. Sure, there are a few similarities in symptoms, but overall, greening out can essentially be cured with water and a nap. 

The difference between bongs, bowls, and joints is critical in these cases. A joint, for example, loses roughly 60% when burning, while bongs are known to provide more substantial, potent hits. However, the possibilities of greening out are higher if you’re dabbing or ingesting edibles. Since these two have higher potency, those not used to cannabis concentrates or infused edibles have a greater tendency to green out. 

How Does Greening Out Happen?

In short, greening out occurs when you consume too much cannabis, whether in joint papers or wax and extracts. However, greening out is caused by how cannabinoids correspond with the body’s endocannabinoid system, like CB1 receptors. Though the body has a natural THC called anandamide, the CB1 receptors can sense when THC increases. When THC increases, the CB1 receptors cause the body to ultimately reject the THC and make you sick. However, there’s not necessarily a definitive guide of symptoms as it all depends on one’s tolerance and the cannabis itself. While smoking weed has a faster onset, a bag of edibles will stay in your system longer. So the effects of greening out can last a while.

What Symptoms Occur When Greening Out?

Several symptoms are associated with greening out, though there isn’t a consistent experience. However, plenty of people have dealt with several side effects. Some feel an influx of paranoia and anxiety, making their high incredibly unpleasurable. Still, these symptoms can develop further into a lack of mobility, dizziness, a lack of focus, and in some cases, an increased heart rate. However, greening out can include physical effects that can feel even harsher. Nausea, chills, and sweats are notable commonalities among those who’ve greened out in the past. While many of these effects occur after consuming high amounts of THC, there’s also the possibility that a lack of hydration, sleep, and sustenance can prompt feelings of greening out. 

How To Recover From Greening Out?

The feelings of greening out can occur after hitting a dab rig or smoking a cannon with your buddies. However, the great thing about cannabis is that no cases of overdosing are associated with it. Greening out might be the closest thing to an overdose, but it doesn’t necessarily require medical attention unless other substances are used. There’s no proof that it causes damage or has fatal implications. As mentioned earlier, the effects of greening out can occur from a lack of sleep, nutrition, or hydration, so those suffering from these symptoms can often solve it by drinking water and napping. The effects of greening out don’t last long, either, but that also depends on what you consume. 

Ultimately, if you experience greening out, ensure you have a friend around that can watch for you. The effects of greening out will dwindle if you drink plenty of water and get some rest.

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