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How to Hide or Mask The Smell of Weed

How to Hide or Mask The Smell of Weed

For some people, the smell of cannabis is a fragrant reminder of peace, relaxation, and good times. Yet, for others, it’s a conspicuous scent that could lead to raised eyebrows, or even legal problems depending on where they live. To navigate these issues, it’s critical to learn how to hide the smell of weed, so you can enjoy your favorite pastime without worry. 

Getting Rid of Weed Smell

The first part of the strategy revolves around how to get rid of weed smell. Perhaps you’ve just enjoyed a smoke, or maybe you’ve stored some cannabis and it’s leaving a tell-tale aroma. Here are a few ways to mitigate the scent.

Keeping Weed Fresh and Storing Cannabis Properly

One of the best ways to hide the smell of weed is by storing cannabis properly. Ensuring that your stash is kept fresh can dramatically reduce its aromatic footprint. This involves maintaining optimal temperature and humidity conditions, away from light, air, and heat. Using airtight stash jars for weed is one excellent strategy that goes a long way in controlling the smell.

Utilizing Smell Proof Jars and Bags

Turning to specially designed containers can make a world of difference when looking for techniques on how to not smell like weed. Packaging items like smell proof jars and smell proof weed bags are designed with odor-absorbing materials that lock in the scent, stopping it from escaping into the surrounding environment. They’re available in various sizes and designs, ensuring a suitable option for every user.

How to Cover the Smell of Weed

Apart from getting rid of the lingering cannabis smell, there are times when you’ll also need to mask it, like when you’re actively smoking. So, what’s the best way to hide the smell of weed when the smoke is in the air?

Smoking a Pipe

One answer lies in the way you consume your cannabis. For example, smoking a pipe allows for more control over the amount of smoke produced compared to larger, less precise methods. Fewer puffs mean less smoke and, by extension, less aroma to cover up.

Using Scented Candles, Incense, or Air Fresheners

Masking the smell with stronger, more pleasant aromas is another effective way to cover the smell of weed. Scented candles, incense, and air fresheners can all contribute to creating an olfactory disguise. However, it’s important to ensure that these scents don’t overpower or clash with each other. It’s about balance, not creating a confusing scent cocktail.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to hide or mask the smell of weed is a helpful skill for every cannabis user. By keeping weed fresh, using specialized containers like smell proof jars and bags, and controlling how you consume your cannabis, you can significantly reduce the scent it produces. Coupling this with effective masking techniques allows you to continue enjoying your cannabis without worrying about the pervasive weed odor.

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